BMW Motorsport M6 GT3

BMW M6 GT3 lands in Australia

The first BMW M6 GT3 has touched down in Australia, with BMW Team SRM having now officially taken delivery of the brand new twin-turbo V8-powered racing car. The new-generation GT3 car is the first of its kind to land in Australia [Read More]


BMW M6 Australian pricing

BMW Group Australia has finalised pricing and specification for the new BMW M6 ahead of its Australian launch this month, confirming the arrival of the Competition Package as a standard inclusion on all variants.Starting from $292,600 for the new BMW M6 Coupe. [Read More]

BMW M6 Coupe

BMW M6 Coupe Convertible and Gran Coupe

The new BMW M6 Coupe and new BMW M6 Gran Coupe and new BMW M6 Convertible allow BMW M GmbH to restate its leadership in the high performance luxury segment. The new BMW M6 Coupe, new BMW M6 Convertible and new BMW M6 Gran Coupe announce their high-performance credentials before they even turn a wheel thanks to their athletic and dynamic appearance [Read More]