Rimac Nevera first USA delivery

Rimac Automobili has announced the delivery of the first Nevera hypercar to the United States, personally handed over to its owner by Rimac’s New York-based dealer, Manhattan Motorcars, alongside the Rimac team. Rimac Nevera USA delivery With a number of other US-bound cars in production or awaiting their production slot at the time of this inaugural delivery, the Nevera has already made an indelible impact in the States, emerging as the most sought-after market in the world for Rimac’s record-breaking all-electric hypercar.

The first US-based Rimac Nevera comes finished in a Gunpowder Gray paint with pearlescent finish, paired with Gunmetal Infinitus wheels and gloss black calipers. The interior showcases a full Alcantara trim style with subtle green highlights.

Rimac Nevera USA delivery

“The US often leads the world when it comes to embracing new innovations in automotive performance. We’re witnessing this phenomenon with the Nevera as American buyers are flocking to secure their place in history. Congratulations to our first US customer, who had the foresight to recognize the Nevera’s immense potential during its early development. They are now rewarded with the incredible honor of being the inaugural Nevera driver in the USA, and the proud owner of the fastest-accelerating road car in the world.”

Rimac Nevera comments

Rimac Nevera USA delivery
Hendrik Malinowski
Bugatti Rimac Commercial Director

“I am honored to have delivered the vehicle personally to our first US clients. As more people witness the incredible performance and groundbreaking technology of the Nevera, we see a growing number of enthusiasts signing up for this unparalleled opportunity to become the early adopters and proud owners of such a market-defining vehicle. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Brian Miller, owner of Manhattan Motorcars, for his unwavering support since 2017. Together, we are writing a new chapter in automotive history. “

Roni Kert

Head of Sales, Rimac Automobili

The Nevera was recently certified as the ultimate record-breaking hypercar, smashing 23 acceleration and braking records in a single day, including, 0-100mph in 3.2 seconds and the new hypercar benchmark: the 0-400kph(249mph)-0 test, in 29.93 seconds.

“It’s an honor for us to deliver the first Rimac Nevera in the country to our client. We’ve worked closely with the Rimac Automobili team in Croatia to develop a process that ensures that a customer’s world-class experience with us doesn’t end as soon as they drive away in their car. We have exclusive events, personalized service and a team trained and assessed by Rimac engineers in Croatia to ensure that owning a Nevera is as extraordinary as driving one.” 

Paul Dumont

General Manager, Manhattan Motorcars

With an extensive network of dealers stretching from coast to coast across the USA, including Manhattan Motorcars, Rimac is making its mark in North America. The dealer network also extends to Canada and Mexico, catering to a growing clientele. Limited to just 150 examples worldwide, production and deliveries of the Nevera are currently underway. Bringing the thrill of Rimac’s hypercar to customers around the globe

More information on Rimac Nevera can be found HERE

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