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BMW M5 Super Sports Car

BMW M5 BMW M5 BMW Group Australia is proud to unleash the sixth-generation BMW M5, available in Australian showrooms from the second quarter of 2018.

BMW M5 Quick Facts

  • Incredible new-generation BMW M5 confirmed for Australia at an astounding $199,900*
  • ‘Launch Edition’ limited to only 50 units
  • Updated 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine generates 441kW and 750Nm, with Zero-100km/h achieved in only 3.4 seconds
  • First-ever BMW M passenger vehicle to utilise M xDrive switchable all-wheel drive system
  • Debut of M5-specific eight-speed sports automatic transmission with shift paddles
  • Extensive use of CFRP ensures new M5 is lighter than predecessor, even with allwheel drive system and the latest safety technologies
  • High level of standard equipment includes key technologies seen in the all-new BMW 5 Series range, including semi-autonomous capability and the full suite of active safety systems
  • Available in Australia from Q2, 2018

BMW’s local arm has taken the opportunity to create a Launch Edition variant, limited to 50 units and priced at an exceptional $199,900*.


“Never before has BMW M brought such an advanced car to market,” said BMW Group Australia CEO, Marc Werner.

“Its combination of awesome power and torque, switchable four-wheel drive system, innovative technologies and the ability to carry five passengers in comfort is truly unique.

“To bring this incredible package to market at such a strong price point is further proof of our standing among BMW’s M Division globally,” he said.

BMW M5 Launch Edition pricing: $199,900*

BMW M5 Heart of the matter: The new 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine

The new BMW M5 is powered by a further developed version of the M Division’s 4.4-litre, twin-turbocharged V8 engine.

Designated S63B44T4, its actual displacement is 4395cc and it employs the latest M TwinPower turbocharger technology. Newly developed turbochargers combine with increased maximum injection pressure of 350 bar and a 10.0:1 compression ratio to generate 441kW from 5,600-6,700rpm, up from the 423kW figure recorded by the previous-generation M5 when fitted with the Competition Package.


Torque swells to a 750Nm peak, generated from only 1,800rpm all the way to 5,600rpm, ensuring smooth response and transition from maximum torque output to maximum power.

As a result, the benchmark 0-100km/h sprint is achieved in only 3.4 seconds, with a top speed of 305km/h when the M Driver’s Package is specified.

Specific cooling and lubrication systems have been employed to ensure the new BMW M5 can perform at its peak, even during sustained circuit use. The oil pump, for example, adopts a fully variable pump that is controlled by a specific electronic map to maintain peak lubrication in all conditions.

A lightened exhaust system has been specifically designed to further enhance gas flow, improving turbocharger spool times for increased throttle response, while the resonant exhaust note is amplified through the Australian-market standard switchable M Sport Exhaust system.

This powerhouse also offers impressive efficiency, with NEDC fuel consumption figures showing 10.5L/100km on the combined cycle, with 241g/km of CO2. (Note: Australian data will be confirmed closer to the launch date).

Switchable all-wheel drive power transmission for maximum control

For the first time ever on a BMW M passenger vehicle, the new BMW M5 incorporates M xDrive all-wheel drive.


This highly adaptable system works in conjunction with the legendary Active M locking rear differential to provide optimum traction in all conditions.

Three driving modes are available, selectable via the iDrive6 infotainment system. The default ‘4WD’ mode offers a static rear bias, but can distribute drive forward or across the rear axle as required.

Opting for ‘4WD Sport’ brings a further rear-ward bias. This further sharpens front axle response while generating a rear-biased feel on corner exit – with greater traction capability.

For purists, the M xDrive system is also capable of decoupling the front axle, allowing the entire engine output to be controlled via the rear Active M Differential. BMW M engineers have ensured that in this mode the vehicle is faster than the predecessor model in terms of lap time.

Also debuting in a BMW M5 is the eight-speed M Steptronic automatic transmission. This torque converter-equipped gearbox offers full manual control via steering wheel paddles, while offering similar shift speed and superior low-speed response to the previous M5’s dual-clutch transmission. Alternatively, the stunning new ‘floor-shift’ is exclusive to the M5.


The new gearbox offers Drivelogic, which enables the driver to set a pre-determined shift speed, ranging from smooth and unobtrusive to race-car like in response.

These systems are integrated into the car’s electronic brain and work with the stability and traction control systems to deliver a superb blend of performance, response, safety and agility.

Familiar to BMW M, the new BMW M5 can be driven with its full suite of safety systems engaged as the default setting. Those seeking a more dynamic experience can opt for the M Dynamic Mode (default for 4WD Sport), which allows immaculately controlled power oversteer and a greater margin for driver involvement, while retaining a safety net.

Finally, the option to completely disable the stability control is offered in each xDrive mode.

Further performance-focused technology

Using BMW’s latest CLAR lightweight architecture, the BMW M Division was delivered a stiff, safe platform from which to develop the M5.

For the first time, the BMW M5 sports a CFRP roof, saving 1.5kg over an aluminium equivalent and lowering the vehicle’s centre of gravity.

The double-wishbone front suspension is based on that of the renowned G30 BMW 5 Series, specially adapted to suit the M Division’s demands, including increased front track width for greater stability.

Increased rigidity and front-end response is further achieved by aluminium supports located between strut tower and bulkhead.

At the rear, the five-link arrangement has been modified and strengthened, with stiffer mounts, anti-roll bar and lower wishbones. Bespoke elastometer bearings are used on the rear axle mounts, ensuring no delay in the transfer of dynamic forces to the chassis. A steel rear cross-brace and additional aluminium transverse strut further enhance response.


The latest-generation M Dynamic Damper Control offers three adjustable settings (Comfort, Sport, Sport Plus), as does the M Servotronic steering with its electro-mechanical operation.

All-up, the new BMW M5’s kerb weight is 1,855kg – 15kg lighter than the predecessor model, even including the M xDrive system and ancillaries. Unsprung weight can be further reduced by opting for the M Carbon Ceramic brake package.

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