Mercedes Benz E250 CGI Cabriolet – Review

Mercedes Benz E 250 CGI Coupe Cabriolet side

We review the Mercedes Benz E 250 CGI Cabriolet as summer approaches. More of a ladies car the E250 CGI Cabriolet is a cruiser not a sports car, but is packed with safety and luxury features.

The E 250 CGI BlueEFFICIENCY has an engine output of 150 kW and maximum torque of 310 and is full of the safety features you come to expect.

Of the choice of cars we reviewed for the Going Topless for Summer series of articles the Mercedes Benz E 250 CGI Cabriolet I the Boulevard cruiser of the group.

You can imagine it pulling up outside your favourite coffee shop in Double Bay or Toorak; four elegantly dressed middle-aged people alight and join the sidewalk café people watchers.

Mercedes Benz E 250 CGI Coupe Cabriolet side

With a classic soft top it is also unique in this group and aside from the Jeep is the only vehicle that gives some credence to the four-seat fiasco. It will seat four in relative comfort. Luggage is another matter though.

In keeping with the motto “four seasons, four passengers”, all-year-round suitability was right at the top of the developers’ list of priorities. With the new E-Class Cabriolet, the cabriolet season lasts the whole year because, while many cabriolets tend to disappear from the roads in winter, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet provides driving pleasure and comfort whether the roof is open or closed.

Mercedes Benz E 250 CGI Coupe Cabriolet front seats

Features that allow this are the AIRCAP® automatic draught-stop: always on board and easily controllable at the push of a button, it reduces turbulence substantially for all four seat occupants and the Modified AIRSCARF® neck-level heating system. Both work brilliantly.

The soft top can be opened and closed fully automatically within 20 seconds – even when driving at speeds of up to 40 km/h. The cabriolet roof is stowed in a special compartment behind the rear panel and takes up way less room than the retractable hard top used on other Coupe Cabriolets.

Mercedes Benz E 250 CGI Coupe Cabriolet Dash

For a soft top it is also remarkably quiet even at speed there is little wind or road noise.

Arguably the most attractive design of our Cabriolets the Mercedes Benz E 250 CGI Cabriolet evokes an image of driving through a tree lined driveway in autumn with the leaves turning yellow and starting to drop with the sounds of Vivaldi Four Seasons wafting through the rustles of the trees.

It’s that type of car. The 4-cylinder powerplant with 150 Kw and 310 Nm isn’t going to win you any stoplight derbies but it is relatively economical at an average of around 9.0L/100Km. No this is definitely a relaxed cruiser.

Mercedes Benz E 250 CGI Coupe Cabriolet roof up

Being a Mercedes Benz exceptional levels of safety features and the fit and finish are a given. Build quality is first class. So too is the design and looks as good with the roof up as down, not something that can be said for many coupé cabriolets.

At around $105,950 MLP it could be called good value given the level of features, safety and design. At the risk of sounding sexist though it definitely appeals to females more than men though.

Mercedes Benz E 250 CGI Coupe Cabriolet rear

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