Mercedes Benz E Class updates

Mercedes-Benz 2013 E-Class
With the launch of the W204 in 2007 Mercedes-Benz Australia announced a ‘First Choice strategy’ with a clear commitment to enhancing equipment and minimising price increases. On every single model that has been launched locally since the W204 there has been increased equipment combined with either held or reduced pricing delivering substantial customer advantage in the value equation. The new generation E-Class is no E-xception!

Horst von Sanden, Managing Director, Mercedes-Benz passenger cars said today while announcing assertive pricing and specifications of the all new E-Class range. “There has been a lot of discussion and opinion that the large car segment is less relevant to the Australian new car purchaser. We don’t accept this assertion and with the new E-Class we have specified the new range assertively with luxury, convenience and safety equipment that we believe will ensure that the large prestige car segment buyer has never been delivered better value. There has never been an E-Class range as comprehensively equipped with safety and convenience inclusions, environmentally friendly engines and class leading fuel economy and emissions in the history of the E-Class. All of the E-Class range from the E200 to the E63 AMG benefit from additional safety and convenience equipment that delivers a net customer advantage from $7,000 (E200) to $23,000 (E250CDI Estate).

The New Generation E-Class Saloon & Estate heralds a bold new positioning in the market. We are demonstrating that technology benefits the consumer in providing safer, cleaner and better value cars. Underpinning the new market positioning is a laser focus on improved value and dynamic styling across the entire E-Class range.The intrinsic value and prestige of the E-Class has taken a quantam leap. We have set a new large car benchmark of 4.3l/100km and 113g C02 which is remarkable for a car the size, luxury, safety and equipment of the E300 BlueTec Hybrid. It’s a big car for a big country but without the big car thirst”

E 200

The value equation of the New Generation E 200 represents with new standard features:

Active Park Assist
Auto dimming & folding mirrors
Blind Spot & Collision Prevention Assist
Partial LED head lamps
Sports Package with 18-inch alloy wheels
In addition, the E 200 is now equipped with a new Euro 6 M274 4-cylinder petrol engine that produces 135Kw & 300Nm of torque (+30Nm). More equipment and more power, while maintaining the same MRLP!

E 220 CDI

Our most attainable diesel variant enjoys the same high level of standard equipment as the E 200 petrol with identical styling. With a host of new standard features and MRLP price reduction of $2,400, the customer advantage for the New Generation E 220 CDI is circa $10,000 added value.

E 250

The New Generation E 250 will we believe revolutionise the sub $100,000 luxury car segment with unparalleled value and incredible technology that the competition cannot offer (Customer Advantage $15,000). New standard features include :

Active Park Assist
ARTICO dashboard
Auto dimming & folding mirrors
Driver Assistance Package PLUS*
Full LED headlamps
Keyless-GO package
Memory front seats
Sports Package with 19-inch alloy wheels
*Our most advanced driver assistance system moves even closer towards autonomous driving with new functions:

DISTRONIC PLUS with Steering Assist
PRE-SAFE® Brake with active pedestrian protection
BAS PLUS with Junction Assist
The new Euro 6 M274 4-cylinder petrol engine delivers an extra 40Nm compared to the outgoing engine.

E 250 CDI

We have re-positioned the E 250 CDI under $100,000. With improved pricing, the E 250 CDI also enjoys the same high level of standard equipment as the E 250 petrol. The price and product measures translate to a customer advantage of circa $18,000 added value. The E 250 & CDI represent an outstanding higher specification level versus our competitors.


The technological leader of the E-Class range is the E 300 BlueTEC HYBRID at $109,900. In addition to the host of standard features that the E 250 & CDI enjoy, the E 300 BlueTEC HYBRID offers hybrid technology.

This model is powered by a 4-cylinder diesel engine that produces 150kW & 500Nm. The diesel engine combines with an electric motor that produces 20 kW & 250 Nm to produce a harmonious overall concept.

Our hybrid is unique, as the combustion engine is diesel, rather than typical petrol hybrid engines. This concept combines the excellent fuel economy of a powerful 4cylinder diesel engine (over long distances at high speed) with the advantages of an efficient hybrid in city (stop & go) traffic.

Our space-saving installation in the engine compartment ensures the generous interior dimensions and luggage compartment capacity remain unchanged. The combined fuel figure of 4.3l/100km sets a new benchmark in fuel efficiency and emmissions in the large car segment.

E 400

We have consolidated our 6 & 8-cylinder engine offering by introducing the E 400 6-cylinder bi-turbo at $129,900 Sedan or $137,700 Estate. The E 400 produces 245kW & 480Nm and can accelerate 0-100km in just 5.3 sec! (Sedan) In addition to a MRLP reduction of $2,335 (compared to the outgoing E 350) the E400 provides a net customer advantage of $20,000. New standard features include:

360° camera
ARTICO dashboard
DAB+ tuner
Driver Assistance Package PLUS
Full LED headlamps
Keyless-GO Package with Hands-Free Access
Harman Kardon® Logic 7® surround sound system
Sports Package with 19-inch Alloy Wheels
Surround View
E 63 AMG S

The S-Model produces 800 Nm & 430kW, which is an additional 20kW compared to the outgoing E 63 AMG (equipped with Performance Package). Available in RHD only, the 2WD chassis delivers a blistering 0 – 100km/h in just 4.1 sec! Like all E-Class models, our hero car enjoys more standard equipment compared to the outgoing E 63 AMG (equipped with Performance Package):

360° camera
AMG Illuminated door sills
AMG Locking differential
Active Park Assist
DAB+ tuner
Driver Assistance Package PLUS
Full LED headlamps
The E63 AMG Estate has not been included in the range at this time. We believe that the E400 Estate will offer a unique high performance seven seat Estate at a MRLP of $137,700 and a 0-100kmh time in the mid five second range.

Saloon Model offering and pricing

(inc GST, any LCT but exc on-road costs)

E 200 $79,900

E 220 CDI $82,400

E 250 $97,400

E 250 CDI $99,900

E 300 BTH $109,900

E 400 $129,900

E 63 AMG S (430kW) $249,900

E-Class Estate

E 200

We believe that there continues to be demand a good looking, well equipped, seven seater luxury Estate. The E200 Estate presents a new opportunity for buyers in the luxury wagon market who seek uncompromised safety, versatility, luxury and the reassurance of the three pointed star. The E200 Estate brings our E-Class Estate model line up to three models and it hits the market priced under $100,000 on-road. The E 200 Estate has the looks, value, safety and practicality that will attract customers who may have previously considered the R-Class which is no longer in production.

The E 200 Estate enjoys the same high level of standard equipment as the corresponding saloon, with a host of unique estate features:

Adaptive damping and self-levelling rear suspension
Electric rear tailgate with individually programmable opening angle
Roof rails
Rear window wiper with automatic activation during reverse travel
EASY-PACK rear seat folding facility (1/3:2/3 split) including release lever on backrest and in cargo area on D-pillar
Fold-down bench seat with 3-point seat belts in load compartment
EASY-PACK load compartment cover and cargo retaining net
Sunblinds for the rear doors
E 250 CDI & E 400

The E 250 CDI & E 400 Estate models enjoy the same high level of standard equipment as the corresponding Saloon models, however in lieu of 19-inch alloy wheels, the E 250 CDI & E 400 Estate models are equipped with (950) AMG Sport Package & 18-inch AMG alloy wheels.

Estate Model offering and pricing

(inc GST, any LCT but exc on-road costs)

E 200 $86,900

E 250 CDI $107,700

E 400 $137,700

The price detailed in this document is the current Manufacturer’s Recommended List Price (MRLP). MRLP includes GST and any LCT applicable to the base / standard specification model but EXCLUDES DEALER DELIVERY AND ALL ON ROAD COSTS such as, for example, registration fees, stamp duty, CTP and the like.

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