MASERATI MC20 Australian Details Revealed

Maserati MC20  Maserati MC20 – With a focus on performance, design and exclusivity, the all-new Maserati MC20 has made a flying visit to Australia for an exclusive media preview.

  • MC20 marks the beginning of Maserati’s new Era
  • 2021 Australian allocation sold out
  • $438,000 RRP in Australia; NZ$390,000 RRP in New Zealand

Maserati MC20

“The all-new MC20 marks Maserati’s launch into a new era,” says Glen Sealey, COO of Maserati Australia and New Zealand.

“Elegant and sporty, efficient and lightweight – it’s a stunning supercar and clear statement of intent. We’re delighted to welcome the MC20 to Australia.”

The all-new MC20 – MC for Maserati Corse and 20 for 2020, the year of its world première – is Maserati’s first supercar in 15 years. It is powered by the bespoke Nettuno engine, developed 100% by Maserati and featuring patented F1 technology.

Producing a mighty 470kW (630bhp) and 730Nm, the lightweight V6 dispatches 0-100km/h in under 2.9seconds before going on to a top speed of 325km/h. Designed with an eye firmly on the future, the MC20 will also come with a EV powertrain in due course.

Maserati MC20

With assistance from renowned racing chassis builder Dallara, the MC20 features an innovative carbonfibre monocoque, giving the optimum balance between high torsional rigidity and light weight for performance.

Unifying the chassis and engine is what we call sculptured engineering – the process of bringing together in perfect harmony the design and engineering aspects of the car with a visual aesthetic that removes the need for overt active aerodynanics, a trend that has long-bedevilled the supercar category.

One of the most dramatic and unique stylistic effects of the MC20 exterior are its beautiful scenographic butterfly doors, which offer best in class ergomonics ingress / egress. The MC20 is also equipped with an E-Latch electronic side door opening system. This innovative feature not only gives the MC20 a technological feel, but further contibutes to the sleek design.

Maserati MC20

Inside, you will find an elegantly minimalist cockpit to focus concentration on the driving experience – yet it retains the luxury and craftmanship that defines a Maserati. A carbonfibre central tunnel and beautifully-milled metallic bezels are further nods to a strong design aesthetic.

An 8-speed dual clutch transmission, adjustable suspension, five driving modes – Wet, GT, Sport, Corsa and ESC off – combine to ensure a driving experience like no other.

Recommended Retail Pricing is $438,000 in Australia, NZ$390,000 in New Zealand. All 2021 allocations are sold out.





V6 90° MTC twin turbo

Displacement (cc)


Bore x stroke (mm)

88 x 82mm

Compression ratio


Max. power output

630CV @ 7500rpm

Peak torque (Nm @ rpm)

730Nm @ 3000 – 5500rpm

Ignition system

MTC (Maserati Twin Combustion) Twin Spark with passive prechamber

Fuel system

PD (Direct injection 350bar + Port injection 6bar)


Twin Side Turbo with electronic actuated waste gate


Fully variable Oil pump on Dry Sump System with scavenge Pumps & external oil tank

Timing system

Double overhead camshaft with variable valve timing


0-100Km/h (s)


0-200Km/h (s)


Top speed (km/h)


Braking distance


from 100 to 0km/h (m)




Fuel consumption (Combined cycle) l/100 km


Fuel consumption (Low cycle) l/100 km


Fuel consumption (Medium cycle) l/100 km


Fuel consumption (High cycle) l/100 km


Fuel consumption (extra-High cycle) l/100 km


CO2 emissions (Combined cycle) g/km


CO2 emissions (Low cycle) g/km


CO2 emissions (Medium cycle) g/km


CO2 emissions (High cycle) g/km


CO2 emissions (Extra High cycle) g/km


*Preliminary Values

Maserati MC20



DCT 8 gears

Gear ratios:

2.905/ 1.759/ 1.220/ 0.878/ 0.653/ 0.508/ 0.397/ 0.329 R 2.632:1 final 5.174


Rear-wheel drive with rear limited slip self-locking mechanical differential
(Electronic differential opt)



Double-wishbone with virtual steering axle, anti-roll bar (Lifter opt)


Double-wishbone with virtual steering axle, anti-roll bar



Ventilated discs 380×34 mm (CCM disc 390×36 opt)

Brembo fixed calipers

6 pistons


Ventilated discs 350×27 mm (CCM disc 360×28 opt)

4 pistons


Front/rear tyres

front 245/35 ZR 20 / rear 305/30 ZR 20

L x D x H (mm)

4,669 x 1,965 x 1,221

Wheelbase (mm)


Front/rear track (mm)

1,681 / 1,649

Luggage capacity (l)

150 (50 front / 100 rear)

Fuel tank capacity (l)

60 lt

Homologated weight (kg)


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