LDV eDeliver 9 electrifies the delivery market

eDeliver 9 – Australia’s number one-selling large van has just been electrified – welcome to the all-new LDV eDeliver 9.  

2022 LDV eDeliver9 chargingAimed squarely at sole traders, SMEs, transport companies and corporate fleets who want to reduce their environmental footprint, the eDeliver 9 delivers even more for Australian businesses thanks to whisper quiet progress, reduced maintenance costs and, importantly, zero battery impact on cargo space.

“In just two short years, the Deliver 9 carved out a solid reputation with thousands of Australian fleet owners, so we’re excited to be able to offer further choice with the arrival of the electric eDeliver 9,” says Dinesh Chinnappa, LDV General Manager.

2022 eDeliver 9_LWB MR_ Exterior (1)

“From an operational perspective, the eDeliver 9 demands little, if any, compromise from the fleet operator. The location of the battery under the floor has ensured zero impact on the cargo space. There has been no reduction in cubic capacity or disruption to the flat floor space, so our launch range is optimised for urban logistics with no compromise on capabilities.”

Three electric variants join the range: eDeliver 9 Long Wheelbase Mid Roof; eDeliver 9 LWB High Roof; and eDeliver 9 Cab Chassis. All are available in launch colours of River Blue or Blanc White.

Both vans are powered by an 88.55kWh lithium-ion battery delivering a WLTP range of 280km* (mid roof) and 275km* (high roof), while the Cab Chassis has a 65kWh lithium ion battery and a WLTP range of 150km* based on a standard box system affixed to the cab chassis. All power the permanent magnet synchronous motor delivering 150kW and 310Nm to the front wheels.

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Charging time for the eDeliver 9 van via a 3-phase AC charger takes approximately 8 hours to go from 5-100% full with a maximum charge rate of 11kW (6.5 hours from 5-100% for the Cab Chassis), while DC fast-charging takes approximately 45 minutes to go from 20-80% charge at a maximum rate of 80kW (36 minutes for the cab chassis). All variants also have an onboard 3-pin Emergency Domestic Charger.^

As with the ICE versions, the eDeliver 9 vans come with a plethora of safety and convenience features as standard. Autonomous Emergency Braking, Bosch Electronic Stability Control system, Lane Departure Warning, and the full suite of airbags bring added confidence to everyday driving.

2022 LDV eDeliver9 dash

Meanwhile, Adaptive Cruise Control, Hill Hold Assist, front and rear parking sensors on the van (front only on the Cab Chassis), Apple CarPlay® and BluetoothTM phone connectivity, USB ports, under seat storage, multi-function steering wheel and overhead storage compartments make the office on wheels as practical as possible.

eDeliver 9 cargo area

The cargo area features non-slip entry steps and heavy duty non-slip rubber flooring, 8 sturdy tie-down points, passenger side sliding cargo door and 236° opening rear barn doors, all helping take the stress out of loading and unloading.

2022 eDeliver 9_LWB MR_ Exterior (9)

The eDeliver 9 has the same cubic capacity as its ICE siblings – 10.97m3 for the LWB Mid Roof and 12.33m3 for the LWB High Roof. Payload is 1,410kg for the Mid Roof and 1,350kg for the High Roof, while braked towing capacity is limited to 1,500kg.

As the first large electric van on the market, the eDeliver 9 is targeted at fleets, many of who are embarking on self-funded trials. In one case, a multi-day trial with a household name company in the congested streets of Bondi and Newtown saw the eDeliver 9 return at the end of each full working day with approximately 30% battery charge left.

This peace of mind is further bolstered with a 5-year/160,000km vehicle warranty, 8-year/160,000km battery warranty and 5-year/160,000 Roadside Assistance.

2022 eDeliver 9_LWB MR_ Exterior (3)

LDV eDeliver 9 pricing and details

Pricing for eDeliver 9 LWB MR starts at $116,537 RRP rising to $118,836 RRP for the LWB HR. Cab chassis starts at $99,990 RRP.

ModelLWB Mid RoofLWB High RoofL4 Cab Chassis
Battery88.55kWh lithium ion88.55kWh lithium ion65kWh lithium ion
Consumption33.9kW/h per 100km34.5kW/h per 100kmN/A
Load volume10.97m312.33m3N/A
Pay load1,410kg1,350kg1,960kg (no box)
Maximum power150kW150kW150kW
Maximum torque310Nm310Nm310Nm
Fast charging20% to 80% in approx. 45m
(via DC Charger)
20% to 80% in approx. 45m
(via DC Charger)
20% to 80% in approx. 36m
(via DC Charger)
DriveFront wheel driveFront wheel driveFront wheel drive
Price RRP$116,537$118,836$99,990
Warranty5yrs/160,000kms – vehicle

8yrs/160,000km – battery

5yrs/160,000kms – vehicle

8yrs/160,000km – battery

5yrs/160,000kms – vehicle

8yrs/160,000km – battery


“The LDV eDeliver 9 is every bit a comprehensive package as our number one selling diesel variant with the added advantage of being whisper quiet and having zero emissions at the tailpipe,” concludes Chinnappa.

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