Jaguar IPACE charging requirements

Jaguar i-Pace 31 hrs for chargingJaguar’s first all electric vehicle, the I Pace has a big battery but you still have to plan your charging very carefully as David Brown reports.

Jaguar’s i-Pace all electric SUV has a rated range of 480km but that’s hard to achieve and charging the Jag at home proved very slow.  After 12 hours I had added about 100km to the range and at one stage it said that it would take over 31 hours to fully charge. It was better at the supermarket charger.

I coped with regular use without charging every night but I suddenly had to pick up a child whose parents lived in an outer area that that was under threat from the bush fires.

I made it, just. A petrol car can be quickly filled for the unexpected but electric cars need planning rather than spontaneous reactions.

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