INEOS Grenadier order books to open soon

INEOS Automotive has announced that order books for its Grenadier 4X4 will open on 18 May. It will launch with a simple model line-up that is easy to configure with a wide range of options and accessories, to meet owners’ exact needs. 

INEOS Grenadier - Fieldmaster Edition - RHD - Fr3Q

  • Simple Grenadier line up confirmed with a wide range of customisation options
  • Belstaff-inspired high-spec editions are configured with specific purposes in mind
  • Order books and full online configurator go live from 18 May

INEOS Grenadier - Fieldmaster Edition - RHD - Interior front

Grenadier Order details

Depending on the market, the Grenadier is available as a two-seat and a five-seat Utility Wagon, and a five-seat Station Wagon. The Utility Wagon is for those needing a stripped back 4X4, but still with the comfort and refinement expected of a modern vehicle. The two-seat model has a full-length flat floor capable of taking a Euro pallet. The Station Wagon has five seats, with the second row positioned further back than in the five-seat Utility variant, to offer the optimum balance between payload and rear passenger space.

In addition to the standard specification Grenadier, INEOS Automotive also offers two pre-configured vehicle editions inspired by Belstaff and a shared philosophy for producing authentic, uncompromising products that are engineered to last. The hardcore Grenadier Trialmaster, has been specified with extreme off-roading in mind and comes prepared for gruelling expeditions, while the Grenadier Fieldmaster is designed for those with an adventure lifestyle who need their vehicle to get them and their kit to wherever they want to go.

INEOS Grenadier - Fieldmaster Edition - RHD - Interior rear

“As a new vehicle manufacturer, opening our first order books is a significant milestone and we know thousands of customers have been patiently waiting for that day,” said Dirk Heilmann, CEO of INEOS Automotive. “Now we invite buyers to join us on the next stage of our journey and look forward to seeing how they spec their vehicles when finalising their orders.”

From launch, INEOS will offer a wide range of factory-fit options and an extensive choice of accessories. An open-source approach means customers can attach existing kit, and pre-wired electric access points means fitting lights and other powered accessories is easy.

INEOS Grenadier - Fieldmaster Edition - RHD - Rr3Q

Order books and an enhanced online configurator go live from 18 May. A deposit payment – refundable until the sales contract is signed – secures a build slot. INEOS Automotive has already appointed over 160 sales and service points around the world. The Hambach factory is on-track to begin launch series production in July 2022.

For full information on pricing, specification and ordering process please visit

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