Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition

Honda Civic Type R Limited EditionHonda Civic Type R Limited Edition Highlights

  • New Civic Type R Limited Edition the purest Type R to date
  • Exclusive Limited Edition model receives performance enhancements and styling upgrades
  • Introduction of Honda LogR, which analyses driving performance data and supports the development of driver skills

Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition is the most extreme version of its renowned high performance car. Built as the purest expression of Type R to date, the Limited Edition features new lightweight components, enhanced driving dynamics and stand-out styling.

Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition

Developed with track performance as its core focus, the new Civic Type R Limited Edition has been designed and engineered to be the most dynamic front wheel drive hatchback available. Building on the dynamic performance capabilities of the standard Civic Type R with new lightweight components, this is the most extreme version of the iconic Civic Type R ever made.

Only a very small number of the exclusive model will be built for Australia, each benefitting from the standard Civic Type R’s outstanding driving dynamics and performance. The new Limited Edition features lightweight 20-inch forged BBS alloy wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres, which are designed for high-speed track driving but still deliver exceptional on-road performance. Modified dampers optimise this new wheel and tyre combination and recalibration of the steering offers maximum control and feedback.

To reflect its extrovert nature, an exclusive new colour, ‘Sunlight Yellow’, is introduced for the Civic Type R Limited Edition, along with a dark chrome Civic badge at the rear. With the addition of contrasting gloss black paint on the roof, wing mirrors and intake vent on the bonnet, the bold colour scheme reflects Honda’s sporting heritage and ensures the Limited Edition stands out as a unique proposition in the performance hatchback segment.

Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition

Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition Interior

The Civic Type R Limited Edition’s interior echoes Honda’s sporting bloodline, featuring the red bucket seats and a new red-accented Alcantara steering wheel, along with a new teardrop style gear knob. Each model features a plaque marking the build number of the car.

Continuing its track-focused nature, sound-deadening materials in the roof, rear hatch panel, front bumper and dashboard have been omitted to save weight. However, unlike other brands’ track-focused performance hatchbacks, the Limited Edition retains its rear seats and the everyday usability for which the Civic is renowned.

Like the standard Type R, the Limited Edition also receives the Honda SENSING suite of safety and driver-assistive technologies as standard equipment, including Collision Mitigation Braking System with Forward Collision Warning, Road Departure Mitigation with Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keep Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control.

The new Limited Edition model retains the Type R’s powerful 2.0-litre VTEC Turbo engine. Peak power output is 228 kW at 6500 rpm and peak torque is 400 Nm from 2500-4500 rpm.

Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition

Introducing Honda LogR

Debuting for the first time in any Honda is a new performance datalogger, exclusive to Type R. Known as Honda LogR, the new system combines the Type R’s onboard computer and sensors with a smartphone app to help drivers monitor and record a variety of performance parameters. It also helps improve their driving skills both on and off the track through the use of a driving-smoothness algorithm. With access to the Type R’s onboard computer, Honda LogR can deliver much more detail than third-party performance logging apps.

Honda LogR features three main functions: a Performance Monitor, a Log Mode and an Auto Score Mode. The Performance Monitor provides vehicle information to the driver on the Display Audio screen while the app is functioning. Log Mode records lap times on the track, allowing drivers to improve their driving skills in a race circuit environment. The Auto Score function encourages smooth day-to-day driving by monitoring braking, acceleration, steering and straight line driving, and generating a score based on the smoothness algorithm.

While driving, all interaction with Honda LogR is through the Display Audio screen. Log Mode and Auto Score both offer more in-depth analysis through smartphone including previous drives, performance traces and replays using Google maps, along with detailed vehicle information.

Performance Monitor

When connected to the app-equipped smartphone, the Type R’s centre screen displays a Performance Monitor, which allows the driver to see vehicle functions in real time, including gear position, coolant and oil temperatures, oil and atmospheric pressures, and engine intake air temperatures.

Drivers can also choose between a “G-Meter” view that indicates acceleration, braking and cornering on a “bowl” graph, or a “3D” view that provides a bird’s-eye visual of the car’s cornering, braking and acceleration behaviour. Additionally, the Display Audio screen shows the current drive mode – Comfort, Sport or +R.

Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition

Log Mode

Log Mode is designed to help drivers achieve the best possible lap times on the track. The program uses GPS to monitor and map the vehicle’s location and the car’s internal sensors to gather data on acceleration, braking, cornering G and other parameters. The app encourages smooth, controlled driving through the use of a colour-coded trace of each lap. The goal is to encourage smooth inputs to the clutch, gear shift, steering, brakes and accelerator to keep the car balanced and thus improve overall driving skills, not just the skills required for a particular track. Users can save their lap times to compare their improvement over time.

Auto Score

The Auto Score function operates whenever the Honda LogR app is in use, monitoring the driver’s behavior over time by tracking inputs for acceleration, deceleration, turning, and straight-line driving, and generating a score for each; it also generates a combination score of those four parameters. The score is generated against the same expert driver baseline that is built into the app and used in the Log Mode function.

However, the Auto Score encourages smoothness of inputs to help improve routine daily driving, rather than seeking faster lap times. Similar to the Log Mode, Auto Score also keeps a historical record that ties in with the GPS function to show driving improvement over time.

Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition

Register your interest

The Type R Limited Edition is set to arrive in Australia in the first half of 2021 – pricing and further details will be announced closer to the launch.

In the meantime, you can register your interest in the purest and most exclusive Type R ever made via the Honda Australia website at:

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