Genesis GV80 3.0 Diesel 2022 Video REVIEW

Genesis GV80 has 4 models, a 2.5L RWD, 2.5L AWD, a 3.0L straight 6 turbo diesel AWD, and finally, a 3.5L petrol turbo V6 AWD. Seating is 5, 6, or 7 seats depending on model and option pack chosen.

2021 Genesis GV80 3.0D AWD (LuxuryPack) profile Outside:

The striking GV80 has twin level lights front and back but lacks a Matrix option.

Wheels have intricate lattice to reflect the shield grille. GV80 has 22” standard rims, making the large and impressive profile even large and more impressive.

Genesis GV80


The doors unlock as you approach, taking the easy entry a step further.

Once inside GV80, a  premium veneer wraps over a quality technological installation.

This is the first time I’d experienced a Genesis without the Luxury pack and my first question was: Will the lack of Luxury Pack leave me feel wanting.

The $10,500 Luxury adds extras such as a fully digital dash, and for $13,500 individual second-row seats with a fully featured, fixed centre armrest and dual 9.2-inch HD entertainment touchscreens..

Without the luxury packs, you may think the cabin might feel lacking in some way, but not a bit of it.

The front seats have heating and cooling, and there is open-pore wood trim, a crystal gear dial and intricately faceted metal highlights

Finally, the HUD augments the digital dash.

Genesis GV80

The Drive:

The V6 turbo petrol may have more power, but the grunt of a diesel trumps a petrol every time, with 6.8 seconds for the 0-100 sprint.

GV80 feels heavier than the similarly sized Hyundai SantFe, but it comes with a more regal ride.

Everything feels so wonderfully deluxe.

Sports mode toughens the suspension somewhat, but enthusiastic corners gather body roll with a high centre of gravity trying to pull it out of line. Steering and brakes sharp with plenty of response.

You get a 360­o camera, but still need to check around you regularly.

Highways are a joy. Auto steering, and other driver aids, assist during the journey, making GV80 a long-distance option instead of flying.

Genesis GV80


Genesis GV80 deserves more consideration. Whether it can win a battle of badges, only the buyer can say. From a writer’s point of view, it delivers on every promise. It is frugal, well appointed, well made, and most importantly, reliable.

  • Price: $105,000
  • Option Pack $10,500
  • Option Pack – 6 Seat $13,500
  • Engine: 3.0L in-line 6 cylinder turbo diesel
  • Power: 204kw/588Nm
  • Trans: 8-speed auto
  • Econ: 8.8L/100k
  • CO2: 232g/k
  • Tank: 80L
  • Weight: 2267