Electric Vehicles are good for the environment


The debate about the overall effect on pollution of electric vehicles continues.  David Brown reports on some recent research.

Are EVs greener than those powered by fossil fuel, if you consider all emissions from production and electricity generation.

A study by the universities of Radboud in Nijmegen (Nye – make shen), Netherlands, and Cambridge and Exeter in the UK, shows that use of EVs leads to lower carbon emissions overall – even if electricity generation still involves substantial amounts of fossil fuels.

The consequences of COVID-19 in the huge reduction in local pollution points to the value of reducing the number of vehicles that are using fossil fuels.

If you take climate change out of the equation then the benefit of non-fossils fuels need only consider local pollution and the benefits are now obvious.

Fears that electric vehicles (EVs) could actually increase carbon emissions are ‘a myth’, according to new research.

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