Apollo G2J Prototype unveiled

Apollo G2J reveals path to electric performance future with rolling engineering prototype. G2J Engineering Prototype unveiled. Currently undergoing exhaustive global testing programme

Apollo 1

  • Technology developed within this platform will underpin future Apollo Future Mobility Group (AFMG) performance EV products
  • G2J most advanced, resolved and beautiful prototype and points at a future design direction inspired by Apollo’s hypercar DNA
  • Unveiling follows two year design engineering and technical prototyping programme
  • G2J showcases the breadth of the Group’s global technical competency.

“Today Apollo Future Mobility Group signals its intent to define the performance EV mobility experience by revealing the advanced engineering prototype codenamed G2J. This will underpin a highly exciting and anticipated suite of new electric performance vehicles. The beautiful form of this test car is just a hint of the future design of a series of performance cars that will take the Apollo hypercar DNA and apply it to create the most exciting sporting focused EVs on the planet. This is just the beginning and we are delighted that customers and fans of the brand from around the world will be kept informed throughout the exhaustive testing, proving and refining programme that will serve as the foundation for Apollo’s ambitions to become the globe’s defining performance EV brand.”

Eric Ho, Group Chairman, Apollo Future Mobility Group (AFMG)

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Apollo background 

Apollo Future Mobility Group (AFMG) is delighted to unveil its first step in developing an all-new electric sportscar marque.

G2J, an advanced rolling engineering prototype, has been in development for more than two years, drawing upon the group’s engineering and powertrain development expertise across Germany and Japan.

The engineering prototype is currently in advanced testing to refine and validate the key powertrain, connectivity and wider digital ecosystem technologies that will underpin AFMG’s future electric sports car products.

Apollo G2J 2

The Apollo Future Mobility Group is the world’s first truly global car company. It is comprised of a network of wholly-owned specialist centres of excellence in design, advanced development, engineering and powertrain design across the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan respectively.

The Research and Development process for G2J and all future Group EV sportscar products will be led from the company’s European R&D centre in Germany. This was established following the acquisition in 2021 of leading German automotive engineering consultancy Ideenion, based in one of Europe’s great automotive heartlands, Ingolstadt.

G2J points to a long-term commitment to building cars using the most advanced lightweight composite materials. The development programme therefore incorporates advanced testing in carbon fibre construction, hinting at the future engineering direction for AFMG electric products.

These products will present customers with a full ecosystem of connected services, with a long-term vision for metaverse enabled features. This development work is already underway across the company’s centres of excellence in Japan, China and Europe. This is with a view to providing a full range of luxury services with a smart assistant feature at its foundations.

Apollo G2J 3

Apollo G2J Design:

The rolling prototype is not indicative of the soon-to-be-unveiled first AFMG electric sports car concept. However, to inform the dynamic development of a highly engaging sportscar, it has been developed to reflect broad dimensions and aerodynamic characteristics.

All future AFMG supercar EV products will be informed by the design DNA that has established Apollo’s hypercar legend with products like the Apollo IE and Apollo Project EVO. These cars were created to meet a simple brief: deliver raw emotion and return hypercars to the glory days of the ‘poster car’ era. Their design delivers, unequivocally, presenting a bold evolution of the iconic design that captivated the world at the launch of the Apollo IE in 2017.

This driving philosophy will deliver the world’s most emotional and compelling electric sports cars and a suite of future products across multiple body styles and platforms.

The first AFMG electric sports car concept will be unveiled in Q4 2022.

Apollo G2J 5

The History of Apollo Future Mobility Group:

Apollo Automobil History

At the 2016 Geneva motor show, Apollo unveiled a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine sports car named the Arrow, which produced 986bhp and 737lb and weighed just 1300kg,

Just one year later, at the 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed, Apollo announced the coming of a new flagship. This product, named the Intensa Emozione (IE), would represent the very pinnacle of the hypercar experience. Manufactured in collaboration with DTM and Formula E experts, HWA AG, it features a 6.3-litre, naturally aspirated V12 engine and stunningly unique form language unknown to mass-produced legacy supercar makers.

Yet, mastering the world of hypercars with the Apollo IE was just a glimpse of a far more expansive vision. It served not just as a potent and visceral hypercar experience, but a bold statement of Apollo’s world-leading technical competency and unique ability to innovate, which would serve a broader project named Apollo Future Mobility Group AFMG.

AFMG was already delivering performance and advanced mobility projects for the most celebrated names in automotive manufacturing as a supplier partner. Yet, the group’s ambition was to consolidate its expertise and create new kinds of mobility solutions that were not driven by the traditional thinking of legacy carmakers, but led by a spirit of innovation and ambition.

At the CIE In 2021 a clear statement of AFMG’s intent was revealed. This show saw the world debut of the Project EVO hypercar. This 800+bhp product captures the intensity of the original hypercar experience and amplifies it, creating a car so potent and vivid that it defines the peak of the internal combustion engine era. However, AFMG proved that it was a collective that also looked forward, showing the fully electric Evision S and Evision X concepts, offering an exciting glimpse of an elegant and highly progressive future for Apollo Automobil.

This collective demonstrated a strength of innovation and character within AFMG, showcasing not just the best of Apollo Automobil, but the very best of global endeavour – a spirit that inspired the brand’s earliest beginnings in 2001.

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