2018 Lexus LX570 4WD Review

Lexus LX570 True Prestige 4WD Ability

Lexus LX570 Lexus LX570 follows the tradition started back in January 1989, when Lexus stunned the automotive world with the debut of the LS 400 sedan. Here was a Japanese manufacturer daring to encroach on the Europeans turf. Lexus produced, what was too many, a flawless sedan. Since then the Lexus name has been amongst the world prestige brands.

It has developed from nothing AWD SUV’s in the RX and NX range but for their premium 4WD SUV they have relied on the ubiquitous Landcruiser underpinnings. This brings many advantages and some disadvantages for the LX570.  Make no mistake, the LX570 is a genuine 4WD SUV though.

Lexus LX570

Lexus LX570 External

Externally it looks from a distance like a Sahara Landcruiser. It does carry through the Lexus familial style though with the nose and grill, some extra features around the rear light binnacle and wheel and tyre combinations.

The 20-inch standard alloys also feature a bright, machined finish with a sophisticated, multi-spoke design. They run 285/50R20 tyres.

Lexus LX570

Both the auto levelling LED headlamps and daytime running lamps illuminate in an L-shape to express strong brand identity. It still looks like a Landcruiser though from a distance and again this is both good and not so good.

Lexus LX570 Internal

It is inside where Lexus really differentiates itself from the donor vehicle. In typical Lexus fashion the interior is packed with features and function. Lexus has managed to improve what was already a sumptuous luxurious cabin with a completely redesigned, premium luxury interior.

Lexus LX570

Changes include new steering wheel, console storage, full instrument panel, door trims, ornamentation, instrument display, multimedia screens and seats.

The enhancements are evident immediately upon entering the LX cabin, with new, silky white light from the all LED interior lamps, including the overhead console lamp.

The lettering on all control switches on the centre instrument panel illuminate against the blacked out panel, providing an advanced, high luxury feel. The cabin adopts the Lexus Human Machine Interface (HMI) strategy that debuted on the LFA supercar to provide comfort and advanced functionality.

The driver’s seat has a 12-way power function for the reclining angle, lumbar support, vertical adjuster and cushion front. It is superbly comfortable. The front passenger seat has a 10-way power function to meet individual preferences.

Lexus LX570

A high grade leather-accented and wood-trimmed electronically adjusted three spoke steering wheel provides comfort and increases functionality with a new control switch layout. The dash is clear, easy to read and houses a 4.2-inch TFT display screen. There is also an adjustable HUD with current speed and navigational waypoints.

Driving-related switches, including off-road system controls, are positioned in the centre console while comfort-related switches are positioned on either side to enhance operability. The cup holders have also been repositioned for greater ease of use.

However all this switch gear means that small storage areas are at a premium? Have I mentioned I am not a fan of the Lexus mouse system?

Rear passengers are treated to reasonable space and luxurious features via a rear console panel that enables adjustment of the climate control and seat heating and cooling. New high definition 11.3-inch entertainment screens are installed on the front seat-backs for rear seat entertainment.

In the third row of seats there are A.C vents, cup holders and room for pre-teen children. However the third row seats, even though they are electric fold up and down, intrude on the available space for the boot.

A poor design that Toyota continues to persevere with. The fold down rear door provides practical load space but can also hamper accessing parcels at the rear of the boot etc.

Lexus LX570 Features and Technology

A 12.3-inch multimedia display features at the top of the centre stack to provide crisp, high definition for controlling vehicle functions, including the 19 speaker Mark Levinson audio system and climate controls.

The LX facelift sees the audio updated with the latest multi-media system, a digital tuner and an AUX (VTR) input terminal on the front of the console for external video input. This display also shows the back monitor with four-camera Multi Terrain Monitor (MTM) and Panoramic View Monitor (PVM).

Lexus LX570

LX 570 features a new clock design that is housed in a genuine metal casing with luxurious piano-black backing. The clock hands also illuminate to provide enhanced visibility and a feeling of luxury.

Other Lexus features include: four-seat independent control air conditioning, front cool box, front seat heaters, illuminated smart entry system with smart key card and smart start, optional ventilated/heated rear seats, LED ambient lighting in cabin and cargo area, touch-sensor overhead lighting, manual second-row sunshades and wireless charging tray for Qi-compatible phones

Lexus LX570 Engine and Drivetrain

The heart of the Lexus LX570 is the 5.7L quad cam V8 petrol engine. This beast produces power of 270kW@5600rpm and torque of 530Nm@3200rpm. This runs through a new eight speed automatic transmission that improves the responsiveness and fuel economy.

Lexus LX570

The new Lexus AE80F transmission gives LX 570 a shorter first gear, longer top gear and closer spread of intermediate ratios than the superseded six-speed transmission. It also features Lexus’ Artificial Intelligence (AI) shift control, with a raft of sophisticated electronic control features. The AI Shift control can adjust the shift pattern to suit different drivers and provide engine braking for hill descents.

The new LX 570 has CUSTOMIZE mode as part of newly adopted Drive Mode Select. Drive Mode Select allows LX 570 drivers to adjust key vehicle systems to suit their driving style and preferences.

Modes can be adjusted via the circular knob beside the gear selector. Drive Mode Select communicates with LX 570’s powertrain, power steering, and variable gear-ratio steering, Adaptive Variable Suspension and air conditioning system to suit different driving needs.

Lexus LX570

The CUSTOMIZE feature allows free setting of the powertrain, chassis and air conditioning to settings not available in the other five modes. Those five modes are NORMAL, ECO, COMFORT, SPORT S, and SPORT S+.

Lexus LX570 has 4WD capability second to none in the prestige SUV segment. The full-time all-wheel-drive driveline includes two-speed transfer and variable fore-aft torque split via a Torsen mechanical limited-slip centre differential.

A four-wheel hydro-pneumatic suspension package with Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) and Active Height Control (AHC) ensures optimum tyre contact with the road surface while minimising body roll and optimising ride comfort.

Lexus made a substantial investment during the LX 570 development program in off-road driving aids. These include the Crawl Control feature, which helps the driver to manoeuvre over rough or difficult surfaces at low speeds – without the need for throttle or brake application.

AHC, AVS and Crawl Control work cooperatively to ensure that the vehicle negotiates the roughest terrain with ease. LX 570 also has a Multi-terrain ABS braking system designed to help reduce stopping distances on slippery surfaces such as sand or gravel.

LX 570 offers a Wide View Front and Side Monitor system as standard for off-road driving. The monitor allows the driver to identify – via cameras mounted in the grille and passenger-side mirror – potential objects that may be obscured from view.

This provides a clear view of the front and passenger side of the vehicle. LX 570 has a total of four cameras, including the back-guide and panoramic view cameras. It also has clearance and back sonar.

The Lexus will tow 3500kg with ease and with a tow ball rating of 350kg there isn’t much it won’t trail behind. However the petrol engine will be thirsty when towing. Diesels are simply better for that.

Lexus LX570

Lexus LX570 Safety

As you would expect, safety features play an important part in the LX570 story with Lexus Safety System+. The Lexus Safety System+ (LSS+) combines four driver-assist technologies. These include pre-collision safety system (PCS), all-speed active cruise control (ACC), lane keeping assist (LKA) system (lane departure warning) and automatic high beam system (adaptive high-beam system (AHS)

The new model adopts a raft of additional active safety technology including: 10 SRS airbags, head-up display (HUD), blind spot monitor (BSM), rear cross traffic alert (RCTA), individual tyre pressure warning system (TPWS) and autonomous emergency braking (AEB).

The sway warning system (SWS) function monitors the vehicle’s position within the lane and the driver’s steering operations to detect sway – which may be the result of driver drowsiness, fatigue, inattention or distraction.

There is one enhancement pack available for LX 570, which includes 21-inch high grade alloy wheels, heated steering wheel, front seat ventilation and second row seat heater and ventilation for an additional $16,500.


The Lexus LX570 is unique amongst prestige SUV’s in that it combines a level of luxury expected (and beyond in some cases) with the only true robust 4WD capability. Others will venture further than the dirt roads, but all will stop way before the Lexus even raises a sweat. This capability comes at the expense of a limousine ride. The choice is yours as to what is more important.

Lexus LX570

What’s Good:

  • Luxury features
  • Towing and 4WD ability
  • Value for money

What’s Not:

  • No diesel or Hybrid option
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Fold up rear seats – seriously?

 Model – Lexus LX 570 4WD SUV

  • Model Price $154,310 RDAP
  • Engine 7L V8 Petrol
  • Drivetrain 8 Sp AT 4WD
  • Power        270kW @ 5,600rpm
  • Torque 530Nm @3,200rpm
  • Safety TBA
  • CO2        334g/km
  • Economy ADR 4L/100 km
  • Servicing Capped Price
  • Tow Rating 3,500kg
  • Tow Ball Rating350kg
  • Warranty 4 Yrs / 100,000 km 4 Yrs Roadside Assist

Overall Prestige Car Guide Rating:       88/100

  • Behind the Wheel 9
  • Comfort 9
  • Equipment        9
  • Performance        8
  • Ride & Handling 8
  • Practicality        8
  • Fit for Purpose 8
  • Towing Ability 10
  • Off Road Ability 10
  • Value for Money 9
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