Fiat 500X Lounge 4X4
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2016 Fiat 500X Lounge 4X4 Review

It’s not often I drive a car that almost completely changes my perception within a few days however the Fiat 500X Lounge 4X4 did just that. My first impressions admittedly though were as a passenger along Parramatta rd. at peak hour [Read More]

Toyota Landcruiser Sahara
4WD & SUV Guide

Toyota Landcruiser update due in October

Toyota has been busy and the updated Landcruiser due in October tops off a busy period. The update to the legendary Landcruiser includes styling, performance and safety advances. More details about the changes to LandCruiser 200 will be announced at launch timing in October. [Read More]

Jeep Wrangler X
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Jeep Wrangler X Limited Edition Review

The jeep Wrangler has been a favourite here for quite some time, one of those vehicles that exude a degree of “çool” as well as practical off road ability. So when the opportunity came along to test the Limited Edition X version, named after the X Games extreme sport athletes, we jumped at the chance. [Read More]

2015 Ford Ranger
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2015 Ford Ranger Update Review

So the 2015 Ranger has improvements to the interior ambience, more SUV refinement, higher prices (they were always expensive), more safety features but no reach adjustment for the steering wheel and the flawed commercial decision not to include the lifesaving reversing cameras as standard. [Read More]