Peugeot RCZ Sports Coupé

2013 Peugeot RCZ Sports Coupé exterior
Peugeot is increasing the appeal and exclusivity of its popular RCZ Sports Coupé.

Sensuous and sleek, sporty and elegant, its new style promotes its power and fluidity, strength and refinement, and affirms its distinctive singularity in the Peugeot range.

The new RCZ delivers the same high level of handling and driving dynamics as its predecessor, while matching its elegance. But, it also boasts a new front face, harder lines and darker highlights to create a more aggressive, performance-oriented look.

The new front grille is accentuated by a lower air intake, which is extended on each side by a six LED light signature. These lights are subtly sculpted in the form of claws and sit behind a smoked lens that blends into the gloss black surround. The new RCZ also features new xenon lights with a titanium surround that visually accentuates the difference between the two series.

The arches have been upgraded from Silver to Matt Black, along with the new black grille and brake callipers. 19” Technical Grey wheels are now standard and complete the revised exterior. Add Satellite Navigation and Assured Service Plan and you’ve got the new RCZ – no options and no option packs; just one fully equipped, all-encompassing luxury sports car.

Exterior and interior emotion

A fluid and powerful style
The rejuvenation of the RCZ can be seen first of all through its style. From the initial sketches, the intention was to give this new RCZ a modern style, even more exclusive and unique than the outgoing model.

A completely new front face, sporty and flowing, fully emphasises the power of its rear wings and the sensuous curves of its ‘double-bubble’ roof. This new synergy between the front and rear gives the bodywork an entirely new expression.

The bonnet lines give the effect of being more compact, receiving, like other models in the Peugeot lineup, new dual material brilliant and satin marque emblem, affixed directly on the bodywork.

The new grille is accentuated by a lower air intake which is extended on each side by a light signature, visible both day and night. This consists of six LEDs, subtly sculpted in the form of claws, behind a smoked lens which blends into the gloss black surround.

The new RCZ adopts an expression with flowing contours, both modern and technical, with titanium surrounded xenon lights that visually accentuates the difference between the two series. A more aggressive, performance-oriented look has been achieved thanks to the new standard black arches, brake callipers and black grill. The new appearance provides the RCZ with a new posture: well seated on its wheels, as if crouching and ready to leap over the tarmac, as well as having a unique identity, with a combination of enhanced power and sensuous expression.

An exclusive ambiance dedicated to the pleasure of the driver
The passenger compartment still instantly places the driver into a sporty and subtly elitist ambiance.

2013 Peugeot RCZ Sports Coupé interior

The fluidity and pure style of the dashboard, fully covered with a soft texture, technical and enhancing, integrates perfectly into the distinctive world of this coupé. The use of upmarket materials combines with the elegance of the shapes to contribute to the atmosphere of the whole.

The interior has evolved to lift the perceived quality in the smallest details, in particular:

the gear lever surround which is now lacquered black
the new door pads with trim inserts
two aluminium inserts adorn the join of the dashboard
Real everyday practicality
The RCZ has always also been very practical, with a generous volume boot for its category, having a capacity of 384 litres, to which are added storage compartments under its floor (more than 30 litres extra). Folding the back of the two additional rear seats increases the maximum capacity of the vehicle
to 760 litres.

Intact dynamic emotion and efficiency

With controlled weight, carefully designed aerodynamics and modern engine technology, the RCZ has established itself as an innovative synthesis of performance and respect for the environment.

Modern and ecological engines
Its range of efficient engines, as regards both performance (generous torque and power) and consumption and emissions of CO2, is carried forward:

2.0-litre turbo diesel, 120kW, Euro 5, 340 Nm, 6-speed manual gearbox
CO2: 139g/km and 5.3 l/100 km;
1.6-litre turbo petrol, 147kW, Euro 5, 275Nm, 6-speed manual gearbox
CO2: 159g/km and 6.9 l/100 km;
1.6-litre turbo petrol, 115kW, 240Nm, 6-speed automatic gearbox
CO2: 168g/km and 7.3 l/00 km
Driving sensations and precision
Expressing all of Peugeot’s expertise in terms of road holding, the RCZ takes the requirement of driving with precision and obtaining sensations to the highest level for the Marque, to intensify all of the driver’s senses.

It benefits from a tuned suspension originating from platform 2 (pseudo MacPherson front suspension, rear suspension with a deformable cross-member).

Increasing the effectiveness of this assembly, it has a particularly low ride height and centre of gravity, widened track and a generous tyre choice (19″ wheels).

The active rear aero spoiler also contributes to this performance, deployed in two positions according to the speed of the vehicle to ensure aerodynamics and stability.

An enriched range of equipment

Standard equipment
The RCZ has equipment and driving aids to make driving calmer and safer: ABS with Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD), Emergency Brake Assist (EBA), Electronic Stability Program (ESP), hill assist function, cruise control + speed limiter and speed sensitive power steering.

As with its predecessor, standard equipment on the new RCZ is high consisting of pop-up satellite navigation system, electronic parking assistance (front and rear), sports leather trimmed steering wheel, remote headlight beam adjustment from facia, automatic rain-sensing front wipers, automatic headlight illumination system, electrically adjustable front seats, driver’s seat with memory function, leather trim, 19″ alloy wheels, and twin sports exhaust.

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