New Bentley Continental GT scale models

Bentley's New Bespoke Continental Gt Model - A Collector's Delight

Bentley Continental GT Model cars - 4 The Continental GT is the crowning achievement of Bentley’s modern design portfolio. Now reimagined as an intricately detailed model replica, exquisite customisable features range from mock veneers and carpets to seat quilting and fluting.

  • The design of the New Continental GT is celebrated the world over and scale models are now available in a variety of sizes through the Bentley Collection
  • Bentley’s perfect replica coupe can be personalised for collectors and fans of the brand
  • The intricately detailed 1:8 scale model offers bespoke options with a variety of aspects available to customise including paint, mock veneers and seat details
  • The 1:8 scale model is made up of over 1,000 individual pieces, assembled by hand and taking over around 300 hours in total to build
  • The creation of each 1:8 scale model is overseen by the Bentley Design Studio, ensuring every detail selected is executed to the same pinnacle quality seen in each full-size Bentley
  • Product links: 1:8 model1:43 model and 1:64 model

Meticulous attention to detail and thousands of hours of work go into crafting the exquisite models, available in a number of scales from the remarkable 1:8 collectors piece to the detailed 1:43 and miniature 1:64 models. The 1:8 scale model is offered as a bespoke product, allowing customers to commission their own unique replica car in the perfect size to proudly display in an office or home. This could match the car in their driveway, an iconic Continental GT racecar or the future car of their dreams, thanks to a suite of customisable options.

Bentley Continental GT Model cars - 2

1:8 Continental GT Bespoke Model

An immaculately faithful replica, the scale model of the new Continental GT has a full suite of bespoke options allowing customers to personalise their model car to an exceptional degree.

Measuring 78 cm in length, the exacting details of a full-size car are mimicked in miniature here throughout the carefully-crafted replica cabin. The tiny steering wheel features impeccably-copied cross-stitching, the iconic seat quilting and fluting is mirrored on the small yet detailed scale, and the model car even mimics the lustrous wood veneers and plush carpets that characterise the original.

To ensure complete accuracy, the 1:8 models are developed under the close supervision of the Bentley Design Studio from the moment of order to final delivery. Each exquisite, made-to-order model is painstakingly replicated to mirror the details of the full-size Continental GT. More than 1,000 tiny, individual pieces are used to hand-build this collector’s piece, taking about 300 hours in total.

Customers are able to choose from an extensive range of Bentley’s bespoke interior and exterior options, tailored to their individual specification. From the colours of the paint, seats and stitching, to the choice of veneer effect, wheels and alloys. All colours and finishes are precision-matched to Bentley’s authentic paints, leathers, woods and other materials.

For the most knowledgeable of Bentley fans, fun can be had in commissioning a model that mirrors landmark Continental GT’s from the brand’s recent history. For example, selecting Citric paint, a Beluga interior and carbon fibre veneers seen on the black-wrapped Continental GT Supersports Convertible that broke the world ice speed record in 2011, driven by champion Juha Kankkunen. Others may prefer to choose the Viridian green first created by Mulliner in 2019 to launch the limited edition Continental GT Number 9 Edition. The model car pictured has been finished with Sequin Blue exterior paint and a Linen and Beluga interior – a classic combination.

The 1:8 scale model is crafted in resin and sits on a majestic varnished plinth to create a spectacular display piece for your home or office, and to be passed down through the generations as an heirloom piece.

The full list of options includes exterior paint colour, wheels and alloys, lower grille, brake calipers, number plate, left or right driver position, interior colour split, main hide colour, secondary hide colour, seat quilting, seat fluting, veneers, and carpets. The option for the iconic Blackline Specification is also available.

The measurements of the 1:8 car on the plinth are 78 cm in length, 40 cm in width and 24.4 cm in height – the largest of the Continental GT collection of miniature models.

Bentley Continental GT Model cars - 2

The Continental GT Coupe Model Collection

The Bentley Continental range was born in 2003 and has famously redefined the category and capabilities of grand touring. The Continental GT is known for phenomenal performance, exquisite craftsmanship and elegant design, while each new generation continues to push the boundaries of technology and power. The models in the miniature collection mimic the sporty design and sleek silhouette of the third generation coupe, designed in 2018, which remains one of Bentley’s most popular cars globally.

Bentley’s designs are always extraordinary, down to the smallest feature. The collection of Continental GT model cars are an essential addition to any collector’s showcase, or the perfect accompaniment to an owner’s full-size Continental GT. These iconic models make the perfect gifts for lovers of motoring, design and craftsmanship, and allow you to introduce a piece of Bentley history to your home.

The 1:43 scale Continental GT is another stunning replica of the quintessential grand tourer. The superformed sculptural lines of the iconic coupe are mirrored in the miniature version, crafted using the highest-quality resin.

Bentley Continental GT Model cars - 1

The presentation box and plinth that house this model sport the iconic Bentley wings logo. Available in a choice of Khamun exterior paint with Blackline Specification and a Beluga interior, or Storm Grey exterior paint with Porpoise and Linen Interior – two bold yet classic combinations, selected by some of Bentley’s most discerning customers of the full-size car.

The resplendent gold tone of the Khamun model will pique the curiosity of budding, young Bentley drivers-to-be, who will be dazzled by the heritage of the brand and stories of its motoring heroes of the past 100 years. This model will be a treasured piece for the home, displayed above the reach of inquisitive children, allowing them to look up in awe and wonder, and inspiring thoughts of grand-touring adventures to come.

The 1:43 model car itself is 11.2 cm in length, 5.2 cm in width and 3.3 cm in height.

The smallest model within the Continental GT miniature collection is the 1:64 scale model that is created using die-cast metal. The iconic styling lines of the full-size car are present, accented by soft rubber tyres featuring detailed wheel designs.

This model is available in a choice of striking paint colours: Ice, Orange Flame and Sequin Blue – giving customers an element of personalisation. For customers who just can’t choose, the three options look fabulous when displayed together, or forming part of a larger collection of model Bentleys and other cars.

The 1:64 model measures in at 3.1 cm in width and 7.7 cm in depth.

Bentley Continental GT Model cars - 5

Prices and Availability:

Each of the models can be purchased from Bentley Retailers or via

1:8 Continental GT Bespoke Model – £6,995

1:43 Continental GT Model – £85

1:64 Continental GT Model – £12

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