Luxury Stays At The Australian Grand Prix

Australian Formula One Luxury Stays

Luxury Stays At The Australian Grand Prix

Luxury cars and racing don’t always go hand-in-hand. However, those who appreciate luxury brands can typically find a way to appreciate, if not obsess over Formula 1. The actual cars raced in this sport are not the sort you can buy or collect, let alone drive.

However, they come from the finest automobile manufacturers and engine makers on the planet, which tends to make them fascinating for true aficionados.

There’s just something almost wondrous about seeing what companies like Ferrari and McLaren can put together in an attempt to win a high-speed race (and in this arena, Mercedes can top them both!).

Formula 1 can be seen live all around the world, but the best place to do it is arguably in Melbourne. The Australian Grand Prix kicks off the season, and captures the imagination of a city that loves sports and adores a big event.

There is also a healthy culture of betting opportunity to go with Australian sports love, which tends to mean fans are particularly invested and the atmosphere all the more enjoyable. The whole spectacle is a great deal of fun.

And for a potential fan with an appreciation for luxury beyond cars, Melbourne may be particularly appealing thanks to the opening of a couple of unique high-end hotels in the last year or two.

It’s not that the city didn’t have plenty of nice places to stay before, but modern hotels in big cities tend to be awfully impressive, and in keeping with that trend the new options in Melbourne really stand out.

The following are some of the new places you might consider staying, either if attending the Melbourne Grand Prix or if simply visiting the area.

QT Hotel

The QT Hotel opened late in 2016 and remains one of the newer hotels of note in or around Melbourne. This is not a high-rise resort that screams modernity at you, but rather a boutique hotel built into an old cinema – though, don’t let that make you think it’s in any way simple.

The hotel was designed via a super-glam overhaul, as one review put it, resulting in a legitimate luxury property packed with chic spaces and comfortable furnishings. The place is vaguely eccentric, with everything from multicolored lighting to a peacock decoration at the base of the main staircase. But it’s also lovely, and a perfect spot for a memorable stay in town. One key tip: don’t neglect the rooftop bar and restaurant.

United Places

United Places opened just this year, and has quickly established itself as arguably the top boutique hotel in town. It features only 12 suites, making it a fairly intimate space, and is set up in a relatively unassuming concrete building near the famous Royal Botanical Gardens in town.

Said a lovely overview of some of the best new hotels across Australia, United Places’ remit was to create a home away from home, and the desired effect has been achieved. Internally, the hotel looks and feels almost more like some luxury home or mini-mansion than a typical hotel. Minimalist but stylish, modern yet comfortable, it’s exactly the sort of place a lot of high-end travelers love to stumble upon.

Bonus: St. Regis

The Marriott St. Regis in Melbourne isn’t open just yet. But it’s been announced for the near future, and should be an extremely impressive venue. Unlike the two options just discussed, this hotel will be a skyscraper, and more of a resort space. If, realistically, you’re planning a trip to Melbourne for the Grand Prix, you may not make it by early 2019, so keep an eye on this project to see when it’s open and whether or not it lines up with your future plans.