Kia Motors Earns Environmental Certificates from TÜV Nord

Kia Optima hybrid D-segment sedan Envirocar award
Kia Motors Corporation has been recognised by TÜV Nord, an independent technical inspection organization, for the outstanding eco-credentials of three of its newest models.

Kia’s recently introduced models to the European market, all-new cee’d C-segment hatchback, Optima hybrid D-segment sedan and the refreshed Sorento CUV, have been certified according to the ISO 14040 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Meanwhile the first and second (current) generations of cee’d have been certified according to the ISO 14062 Design for Environment (DfE).

There are two main environment related certifications from TÜV Nord, the LCA: Life Cycle Assessment (ISO 14040) and the DfE: Design for Environment (ISO 14062).

The LCA inspection examines the environmental impact of both the car and its overall manufacturing process throughout the course of its lifetime, taking into account factors such as choice of materials, engine exhaust emissions and recycling.

The DfE inspection examines the overall design of the product by measuring various eco-friendly factors including weight reduction, use of recyclable materials, fuel-efficiency, and so on.

From the initial stages of product development, Kia applies eco-friendly processes with the aim of having the most minimal impact possible on the environment. Kia’s new product development process includes the following five major steps that cover the development, production, repair and disposal phases of all Kia vehicles.

Application of an eco-friendly check-sheet throughout entire vehicle lifecycle
Utilization of 3D drawings at the design stage for verifying recycleability
Breakdown of the product during the development process to verify recycleability
Usage of eco-friendly materials
Streamlining of manufacturing process through improvements in materials and parts design simplification
The deployment of this new system has resulted in an improved overall manufacturing process in terms of minimising the environmental footprint of the recipients of the certification, all-new cee’d, Optima Hybrid and the new Sorrento. This year’s ISO 14040 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) certifications were based on the confirmation of a 6-25% decrease in CO2 emissions in the overall manufacturing process of certified models (all-new cee’d, Optima Hybrid and upgraded Sorento).

Kia’s first TÜV Nord certification was earned in 2008 with the first generation cee’d, and this year’s certifications bring the total number of Kia models with ISO 14040 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) certification to ten. Furthermore, both the first and second (current) generations of Kia’s cee’d C-segment vehicle for the European market have earned DfE: Design for Environment (ISO 14062) certifications, giving Kia certifications in all of major environment-related certifications from TÜV Nord.

Soon-Nam Lee, Director of Overseas Marketing, said, “From 2008 when the cee’d was first certified, TÜV Nord has recognized numerous new Kia models including the Picanto, Rio and Optima (non-hybrid) last year. We believe this ongoing recognition of Kia’s outstanding eco-friendliness will contribute to our rising brand image in the European market where conserving the environment is a top priority.”

TÜV Nord, headquartered in northern Germany, is an international certification organization with more than 10,000 engineers from approximately 70 different countries supervising the international certification process of all industries.