Fast Facts About Vaping While Driving

Vaping while driving – Just because you can do something does not necessarily mean you should do something, as is the case with vaping and driving.


While many adult motorists who vape choose to do so while they are behind the wheel, the question of whether it’s even legal to do so has arisen. So is it legal to vape and drive?

Is vaping while driving legal?

While there are many laws today that regulate e-cigarettes, there are no laws that specifically prohibit the use of vaping devices while driving, at least not at this time. There are, however, laws in some areas that apply to vaping and driving as well as laws that may apply to vaping driving, such as laws that prohibit the use of e-cigarettes in a car when children are present and those that prohibit various forms of distracted driving.

So although it may not technically be illegal to vape and drive at the same time, it is against the law in some places to vape in a vehicle where there are children present. In addition, there may be a chance that law enforcement deems the use of a vape while driving to be a distraction depending on the circumstances involved.

If your car is cloudy with vapour, do you think a cop would pull you over?

If it is legal to vape while driving, one question you may want to ask yourself is whether you should vape while you drive. Just because you can do something does not necessarily mean you should.


Can you tell if a used car has been vaped in?

When it comes to used cars and vaping, it may surprise you to find that it is unlikely that you will be able to tell if it a vehicle has been vaped in. While it’s no secret that smoking tobacco in a car can leave it smelling awful for an extended period of time if not indefinitely, this is simply not the case with the vapour produced by e-cigarettes.

After a vape has been used in a car, the smell disappears rather quickly. So if you’re shopping for a used vehicle and you’re concerned about whether or not it has been vaped in, chances are that you will not be able to tell one way or the other. Unlike smoking, vaping does not damage vehicles by leaving behind long-lasting odours or telltale burn marks where ashes have fallen or where lit cigarettes have come in contact with the vehicle’s interior.

Still, there have been claims shared online that vapour from e-cigarettes leaves a thin film or residue on a car’s interior that is perhaps most noticeable on a vehicle’s windows, however, it is also claimed that this residue can be easily removed from the windows by cleaning them with a glass cleaning product. One purported solution to this alleged issue entails rolling down all of the windows in the car while vaping in order to allow the vapour to escape.

Things to consider if you do vape in your car

If you are in a position where it is legal for you to vape in your car and you choose to do so, you may still want to consider the following:

  •            Passengers – If you have a passenger or passengers, do they mind if you vape in your car? The courteous thing to do in such a situation is to ask before you start vaping.
  •            Bystanders – Is there anyone close to your vehicle that might be affected by your vape use, such as a nearby pedestrian or another vehicle with a window open? Just because someone isn’t inside your car does not mean that they will not be affected by your vaping.
  •            Distraction – Is your vaping too much of a distraction for you to safely operate your vehicle? You should always operate your vehicle in a fashion that is safe. If vaping is too much of a distraction for you while driving then logic would dictate that you probably should not vape while you drive.
  •            Visibility – Is the vapour from your e-cig obstructing your vision? Anything that obstructs your vision while driving could prove hazardous. If the vapour from your device is diminishing your ability to see the road then it may be wise for you to reconsider using a vape while driving. If nothing else, you may want to crack open a window to allow fresh air to circulate through your car while providing an exit for your vapour.

*Please note that this article is for general information only and does not constitute specific legal advice in any form. Please consult a licensed attorney for advice.