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The ‘I Hate Modern Cars Artificial Intelligence’ Rant

I hate modern cars and all their ‘safety’ features. My daughter who also test cars with me calls me a cranky old bastard! Is it just me or do others get frustrated with the artificial intelligence that vehicles have nowadays. They think they know what’s best for you.This is simply a rant and vent against the nanny state we live in. [Read More]

Holden Barina CDX Siri Screen

Holden Barina CDX First Car in Australia to get Siri Eyes Free Integration

Holden has confirmed that the Barina CDX is the first car in Australia to offer full Siri Eyes Free Integration. Operating via the Barina CDX Holden MyLink infotainment system, customers with a compatible iPhone* running iOS 6 can direct Siri to perform a number of tasks while they safely keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel. [Read More]

AIMS 2012

Xbox 360 Australian launch of Forza Horizon at the 2012 AIMS

Xbox 360 will be conducting the Australian launch of the newest addition to its successful Forza Motorsport racing franchise, Forza Horizon. All visitors to the Motor Show, opening October 19, will be able to experience the thrills and action of Forza Horizon ahead of its global on-sale date of October 23 and take some of the supercars for a spin, a virtual spin that is. [Read More]

2013 Suzuki integrated touch screen infotainment system
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Suzuki adds Infotainment features to Grand Vitara and SX4

Suzuki has added an integrated touch screen infotainment system featuring voice activation for key functions to its Suzuki Grand Vitara and Suzuki SX4 ranges. The system combines a 6.1-inch high-resolution touchscreen display with a full-featured infotainment platform, including AM/FM/CD radio, multi-media playback, Bluetooth hands-free connectivity, and Garmin’s award-winning navigation. [Read More]

Audi R8 e-tron digital rear view mirror

Audi Digital Rear View Mirror

Imagine driving a sports car with no rear window. Audi does and the digital rear view mirror is becoming a reality for Audi R8 e-tron buyers from the end of the year. The digital rear-view mirror celebrated its dazzling premiere at the Le Mans 24 Hours in the R18 e-tron quattro and R18 ultra race cars. [Read More]