Bridgestone named Australia’s Most Trusted Tyre Brand for the 10th Straight Year

The annual Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brands survey has highlighted that Australian motorists continue to put their confidence in Bridgestone, with the market leading tyre company taking out the status of Most Trusted Tyre Brand for a milestone 10th consecutive year.

Bridgestone Tyres

  • Iconic masthead Reader’s Digest names Bridgestone as Most Trusted Tyre Brand for 10th consecutive year.
  • Bridgestone named as one of the top 20 trusted brands across all industries.
  • Bridgestone remains the sole recipient of the award since its inception.
  • Award win is another reason Australian motorists can ‘Go With Confidence’ through the Bridgestone Select Tyre & Auto Network.

As well as taking the top spot amongst its competitors for a whole decade, the study also revealed Bridgestone as one of the most trusted brands in the country– naming the tyre company in the Top 20 brands across all categories in this year’s showcase alongside iconic household names such as like Bunnings, Panadol and Cadbury.

As a side issue we have been running Bridgestone tyres on our personal Pajero since 2013 with no issues at all

Bridgestone is one of only a handful of brands to have retained the Most Trusted Status for a whole decade and remains the sole winner of the tyre category since its introduction in 2014.

Bridgestone has retained the title of Australia’s Most Trusted Tyre Brand for a whole decade.

The annual Reader’s Digest’s Most Trusted Brand survey sees Australians asked to rank the brands they turn to and put their faith in across more than 65 categories. Conducted by research agency Catalyst, more than 2,500 participants took part in this year’s survey.

Bridgestone Australia & New Zealand Managing Director, Heath Barclay, believes Bridgestone’s unrivalled run as Australia’s Most Trusted Tyre Brand reflects the company’s commitment to the market.

“To have maintained the status of Australia’s Most Trusted Tyre brand for a whole decade and to be amongst the most trusted brands across every industry is incredible, and speaks to the unquestionable quality and reliability of Bridgestone tyres,” Mr Barclay said.

“We’re honoured to have maintained the trust of Australians over such a long period and that they consistently identify our brand with quality and trust. This is a reflection of the significant investment Bridgestone makes into research and development to ensure that our tyres are suitable for local conditions, and that customers can put their full confidence in the Bridgestone name.”

“Australia is a nation of car lovers—and when we choose tyres for our car we expect absolute reliability in all sorts of driving conditions, and that’s why Bridgestone tyres are the trusted choice for quality, safety and performance,” said Louise Waterson, editor-in-chief of Reader’s Digest magazine.

“Bridgestone has an unyielding commitment to the safety of the motoring public. Congratulations to all the team at Bridgestone for being voted Australia’s Most Trusted Tyre brand for ten consecutive years in 2023—an achievement that places them among a handful of leading brands to win the most trusted mantle for ten or more consecutive years.”

Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone’s decade as Australia’s Most Trusted Tyre Brand is also supported by recent customer service awards for the Bridgestone Select Tyre & Auto network, winning back-to-back ‘Most Satisfied Customer’ awards from Canstar Blue over the past two years. Bridgestone Select Tyre & Auto also won gold in the independent car service category of the Reader’s Digest’s Quality Service Awards last year.

“Australians put their trust in our tyres and service for all applications from passenger cars through to trucks and buses, and everything in between. They take confidence knowing they are in safe hands with Bridgestone, and through our network of stores they can go with confidence knowing that they have fitted the most trusted tyres as well as receiving expert advice and the best service,” Mr Barclay said.

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