Bentley Goodwoof – Bentley gone to the dogs

Goodwoof – Bentley The Sheepdog Shows Off A Special Coat For Goodwoof. Last weekend’s Goodwoof saw dog-lovers descend on the Duke of Richmond’s Goodwood estate for a canine celebration, where 8,000 pups of all sizes gathered, and one of the rare breeds in competition was a very special Bentayga S. Bentayga S Goodwoof

  • Bentley was once again the exclusive automotive partner for Goodwoof, the grand celebration of all things dog
  • Bentayga S wrap, designed by Rich Morris including dog tag and fur, took four days to complete
  • Over 2,000 pictures were taken in the Pup-arazzi Bentayga in aid of Pets As Therapy
  • Owners of Bentley cars and dogs called Bentley had free access to the VIP Bentley Car ‘Bark’

Bentayga S Goodwoof

‘Bentley the sheepdog’ earned its treats – namely a wash, vacuum and charge of its hybrid motor – having rounded up lambs, ewes and rams during one of the festival’s most popular activities. Bearing a ‘Bentley’ dog tag and fur in the form of a black and white body wrap, it growled and barked its way around Goodwood’s Kennels and spectator spots before setting to work getting its woolly friends into the right pen.

Bentayga S

Bentley Bentayga S matte coat

The matte coat, which took four days to complete, was designed by Rich Morris, who is also responsible for the livery of the Unifying Spur, a Flying Spur art car which has travelled the world to promote Bentley’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Bentley the Sheepdog’s commitment, on the other hand, is to direct livestock and transport pampered pooches and their human loved ones.

A christening which suits a handsome and proud hound, particularly British breeds, Bentley is a popular name, and at Goodwoof all dogs tagged ‘Bentley’ provided their owners entry to the Bentley Barking Paddock, alongside the drivers of B-badged cars.

Four-legged furry poseurs were also given the red-carpet treatment, with flash-bulbs of the Pup-arazzi popping; a wind-machine was set up to give dogs their moment in the limelight and looking their most fetching. Poking out of the window of a Bentayga, stage equipment made their ears and locks flutter in the breeze like a music video.

Bentayga S Goodwoof

Bentley’s Chief Communications and D&I Officer, Wayne Bruce, said the event proves anything is paw-sible. “No bones about it, that was two Great Danes out and the fluffiest event of the social calendar. New pals were made and leads gathered, who will be Collied soon. Plus over 2,000 pictures were snapped in the Pup-arazzi Bentayga in aid of Pets As Therapy. Thank you to everyone who came, and to my team who worked like, erm, dogs in the Sussex sun.”

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