7 Snow Foaming Tips For Car Owners

Any car owner would agree that there’s no better feeling than seeing a clean car. Cleaning cars is not only important but can be a very satisfying experience. Snow foaming is perhaps one of the fun parts of cleaning a car.

Cleaning should be mandatory car maintenance activity. To be successful in utilizing snow foaming in your cleaning procedure, it’ll require that you buy good quality snow foaming cannons and assure of their proper maintenance and care. Of course, you want your snow foaming machine to work as efficiently as possible because consistency matters. 

Car exterior cleaning. Applying snow foam on dirty auto surface from high-pressure washer at carwash station outdoors, worker spraying suds on auto with special sprayer

That said, here are some snow foaming tips for car owners. 

  • Use Correct Orifice Size

The orifice controls how the snow foam flows through the nozzle. Ideally, you want the nozzle to produce foam at high pressure. So, you need to have a smaller orifice size for that. The smaller it is, the thicker the foam will be and the more consistent it will be. There’s nothing wrong with getting a larger orifice, but it means you’ll be getting less consistency.

However, not all pressure washers are compatible with the orifice size. Therefore, you have to make sure that the orifice on your unit meets the ideal requirements of the pressure washer you’ll be using because if it’s incompatible, it may cause mechanical problems or even damage the pressure washer. Fortunately, this information is included in your snow foam cannon manual, so you’ll have an idea if it’s compatible. 

  • Ensure System Is Leak Free

Leaks can cause thin snow foam. If there’s a leak in the system, not enough pressure will be generated which affects the quality of snow produced and the consistency levels will drop. So, if you notice any change in the foam’s consistency, check if there are any leaks.

Detergent soap foam known as snow wash sprayed onto car at garage before washing

  • Get A High-Quality Foam Cannon

If you have tried using a foam canon and can’t get the consistency you’re looking for, consider getting a higher-quality snow foam Australia cannon from a reliable supplier in your area. A high-quality canon may be more expensive but its durability, ease of use and performance will exceed your expectations.

  • Appropriate Dilution Ratio

Every snow foam product is unique. Manufacturers have a recommended dilution ratio you need to follow for maximum results. So, it’s unwise to think that the same ratio applies to every foam product in the market. For best results, stick to the manufacturer’s directions.

  • Always Rinse Foam Cannon After Use

If you want the foam cannon to last, take care of it. One way to do that is by rinsing it after every usage. Do note that leaving it unrinsed and having the soap dried up inside is one of the major reasons cannons get clogged up. Over time, this will affect the pressure and consistency of the foam that gets sprayed out.

After every wash, clean the reservoir with water, and fill it with clean water. These actions should flush all the snow foam out. If you have unused foam, pour it into a jug and keep it for the next use. Also, disconnect the pickup pipe once done to avoid clogging up.

  •  Service Regularly

If you’ve used the foam cannon for a long time, you may notice that the foam quality may have reduced. It’s normal, just like with any other machine with moving parts, wear and tear happens.  So, this could be a sign that it may need to be serviced and have the worn-out parts replaced or it may just need some cleaning. This is something that you shouldn’t do-it-yourself (DIY), it would be best to hire a professional to do this and fix it accordingly, to further prevent more costly repairs.

  • Check Dwell Time

The dwell time simply refers to the amount of time the foam rests on your car. Now, ideally, you want the foam to sit on the car for longer because the soap has time to cleanse off the car. However, you need to ensure that it doesn’t rest for too long, otherwise, the foam will dry up. If the cars are under the sun, the foam will dry up quickly. You should strike a good balance of letting it sit and preventing it from drying because once it dries, the soap stains can be difficult to remove and will spoil the appearance of the car.

Generally, there will be instructions on how long you should let the foam sit on the car. Most manufacturers will recommend anytime between two to ten minutes. However, external factors, such as the weather may affect the results. Therefore, to be safe you should rinse a car just after applying foam to prevent the soap from drying. 


In terms of the type of foam cannon, foam shampoo, consistency, and methods of applying the foam, these factors are mostly down to your preference. However, it’s important to follow instructions from the manufacturer when using the snow foam machine and to properly care for it. That way, you’ll get the best results for a long time.