3 Make-Ahead Road Trip Meals to Save Money

Road Trip Meals – In addition to packing, planning your itinerary, and checking the condition of your car, you need to think about what you’ll be eating while you’re on the road.


Many people believe that it’s easier to stop by the store on the road or have a bite at a gas station. Experienced travelers are well aware that it is expensive, not always tasty, and rarely healthy.

This option may be suitable for those who travel in familiar areas. However, if you are traveling to a new country, you can get into trouble. You will think more about how to rent a car near me so that you can go on a trip and visit all the planned attractions. While car rentals are now offering reasonable rates for hiring a car, you might be surprised at how much you’ll overpay for buying food from eateries along the way.

Thus, the best option is to think about snacks and meals in advance and prepare everything before the trip so that you have fresh food. In addition, you can make any diet for your family, if everyone has different eating habits.

Why prepare food for a trip in advance

A road trip can be expensive if you are traveling with your family and children. First, you need to think about renting a car. Depending on the vehicle that suits you, you can find an economical car for hire. Now you can also rent a car without deposit to have more money for your active vacation in such countries as the UAE.

This is an exclusive service that saves you the long weeks of waiting for your money back after your trip. You don’t have to wait more than a month for your car rental to refund your money.

By cutting down on car rental costs, you can also save on food. At your destination, you can overpay for lunches in restaurants and cafes. Thus, taking care of preparing healthy meals for your whole family is a must-do. You can cook healthy meals and save money to spend on new experiences, excursions, and so on.

Here are some healthy and nutritious meals you can cook:


Granola bars

You can find them in stores, but if you want a healthy snack and not a high-sugar bar, then you’re better off making your own. You will need peanut butter, oats, honey, vanilla extract, sea salt, nuts, and chocolate chips. Mix wet ingredients, then add dry ingredients. Pour the mixture into a baking dish, laying everything on parchment paper, place another sheet of parchment paper on top, and level the mixture. Leave the baking dish in the refrigerator for 1 hour and then use a knife to make the bars. Here are the snacks ready for your road trip.

Rolls with ham and cheese

You can get protein, as well as healthy fat, if you cook mini ham rolls with cream cheese. During the trip, you can satisfy your hunger in just a few minutes. You only need to add cream cheese to the center of the ham, and then roll them and cut it into several small pieces. Place them in a container as well as a cooler bag that you can put in the trunk of your vehicle.



You can make sandwiches for all family members, depending on their taste preferences. If there are vegans in your family, then you can make rye bread sandwiches with avocado, lettuce, and tomatoes. You can also make them with ham, prosciutto, beef, or turkey. Instead of mayonnaise, use low-fat sour cream or yogurt sauce with garlic and fresh herbs. Thus, you will get healthy sandwiches that cannot be compared with store-bought ones.


Making your own meals and snacks for a road trip is about saving money, eating healthy, and getting lots of energy. It won’t take you long to cook healthy food for your road trip, but you will know that your family will be full, and no one will have food poisoning.