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Volvo XC40 PHEV 2020 Review

2020-Volvo-XC40-Recharge-PROFILE-scaledVolvo’s small SUV the XC40 comes with a variety of engines some with two-wheel drive some with four-wheel drive. The most expensive version is the PHEV – Plug-in Electric Vehicle which we are testing here.

Typically, ordinary hybrid vehicles are a petrol engine with some help from an electric motor who’s batteries are charged by the petrol engine or when slowing down using regenerative braking.

This system allows you to travel on local trips (approx. 40 kms) on battery power if you have plugged it in and charge them up.

What is the Volvo XC40 like outside?

The ratio of height to width makes it look a little tall and narrow.

The back has a slight wave pattern that gives a faint bulge just below the rear window and then a convex line before leading down to the bumper bar level.

The front grille has a slight recess that makes it distinctive without being toom much over the top.

Exterior features include:

What’s it like inside – XC40S Features

Unlike most vehicles the style of the dashboard focuses on the vertical rather than a horizontal spread across the interior.

The overall interior colour scheme is strongly black.

As a small SUV the space for front passenger and driver is good but not large for rear passengers.

Interior features to help the driver and passenger include:

Interior fashion features include

What Engine and Transmission does the XC40have?

This system has a smallish turboed petrol engine (1.5 litres) that can drive the car on its own but it also allows a vehicle to use only batteries for about 40 kms if you have charged it. This means that you can do a lot of your local short trips on electric drive without producing local pollution.

The vehicle has a 7 Automatic 7-speed Dual Clutch transmission.

The fuel consumption figures are rated at 2.2 L/100km (Combined) but this is rarely a representative figure.  It assumes that you start with a fully charged battery and you do a driving cycle that befits a good proportion of battery powered driving.  If you charge regularly and do very short trips, then in theory, you will not use any fuel. On a long run without charging you will get fuel consumption of the petrol engine which will be higher and is rated at 6.1 litre per 100 kms

What are the safety features?

Driver comfort assistance features

XC40 S Summary

Volvo have produced a distinctive car with credible efficiency and pollution reducing technology.

The interior has a unique appearance with a good ambience.

This is not a car, however, to trust your response with one quick drive.

If you are going to test the vehicle do not get too involved with the infotainment system. You need to set aside time when you are not in a rush to go through some standard information requests.

Good Bits

  1. Plugin hybrid efficiency
  2. Distinctive appearance inside and out
  3. Comprehensive features including safety

Not So Good Bits

  1. Infotainment system takes a long time to get use to
  2. Ride is a little firm
  3. The feel of the brakes is somewhat artificial and needs time to get use to

Facts and Figures:

*MLP – Manufacturers List Price includes GST and LCT but excluding statutory charges, dealer costs and dealer delivery. See your dealer for RDAP. Does not include price of any options.

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