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New Range Rover: some clever things to look forward to

Range Rover – London has extended its ultra-low emission zone, where vehicles have to meet modern emission standards or pay a $23.00 daily charge.

This includes cars, motorcycles, vans and specialist vehicles and minibuses and is in addition to any Congestion Charge.

James Scrimshaw from Jaguar Land Rover says that the just announced new Range Rover plug in hybrid has a system to help ensure you are running on batteries in such areas.

“The vehicle can also understand geofencing, so it will know when it’s going into a low emission zone and will switch over to electric zone. If it knows you going in that direction, it will turn on the engine beforehand. If you are running down on your electric power to ensure that you can drive around that zone just in pure electric until you leave and the injured may start up again after you leave. So it’s very intelligent. Things are moving along very quickly in that way, especially in the UK.


Areas that Range Rover say are significant about their new model

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