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Mazda3 GT Sedan 2020 Lifestyle Review

2019 Mazda3 sedan front qtr Mazda3 has been very popular over the years, being the top selling car just a few years ago. Mazda launched the new version earlier last year and I had the chance to drive the GT version

Fit for purpose-

I really enjoyed everything about this car, I think it is a great zippy car for all occasions whether it is driving to work and back, running errands or going on little adventures with your partner. A comfortable car that ticks all the boxes that you could possibly want for that price range and type of car. Great for around town and weekends away. It a good size.


It’s a great looking car, very sleek and smooth looking and the red was eye catching. Inside the sleek look continued, very pleasant, nice leather seats, spacious dashboard, including all the features you would need, with an awesome sound system, GPS, Bluetooth. The back seat wasn’t overly spacious, however it is good for young kids or using it as extra storage space and the boot space was a reasonable size.

Performance –

The Mazda 3 is very enjoyable to drive, with enough power to satisfy most drivers. Comfort is next level and the car is so quiet and smooth around town.

Mazda3 includes all safety features such as lane assist, bind spot detector and more. A very zippy easy car to drive, sticks to the corners well, feel safe in wet weather and smooth take offs. Not a bad fuel economy, good for both peak hour traffic and long distance drives.


The Mazda 3 is a very comfortable drive, a lot of room for both the driver and front seat passenger however when your adding adults or even young adults in the back seat there is not a lot of room and its is, better for shorter drives.

However young families will fit ok. The seat warmers are always a favorite of mine, a nice little comfort that is always noticed and appreciated especially in the cooler days.


I would highly recommend this car for anyone who is after a comfortable car to either zip around town or go on little road trips, good for young families. It was a very enjoyable car to drive and I would be very happy having it as my own.

Model   Mazda3 GT Sedan 

*Includes GST and LCT but excluding statutory charges, dealer costs and dealer delivery. See your dealer for RDAP. Does not include price of options.

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