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Driverless electric vehicle to be powered with solar rooftop

cropped AEV 4seater+LandscapeNew technological development is not just happening overseas.  David Brown reports that a Melbourne-based robotics business is pushing ahead with a different sort of hybrid vehicle

An Australian startup is developing an autonomous electric vehicle that will utilise a solar roof and lithium ion battery system.

Applied Electric Vehicles Pty Ltd (AEV) is being supported by government to the tune of a $2million grant from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

AEV’s vehicle will generate up to 60 per cent of its energy requirements from the sun. The use of a smaller battery pack means easier charging ffrom a common 240V wall socket.

The $7.65 million project is in partnership with Japanese company Teijin Limited who is helping to develop the vehicle’s lightweight materials and manufacturing methods.

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