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Chat with Sean Hanley from Toyota

Sean Hanley – At the recent launch of the HiLux GR Sport I had the opportunity for a private chat with Sean Hanley who is the vice president of well pretty much everything at Toyota Australia.

 Sean is a man that is passionate about the Auto industry in Australia, passionate about Toyota customers and the brand itself.

One of our favourite topics is the ever-changing world of alternative fuel sources.

Toyota has a philosophy that no one fuel source will solve every customer’s needs. A philosophy I agree with.

At their recent showcase, Toyota unveiled several different vehicles with different fuel sources. These included mild hybrid, full hybrid, EVs, and Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Over the next 15 months or so we will see Toyota with a complete complement of vehicles that cover these fuel sources.

One topic we briefly touched on is the emergence of Bio Fuel as an alternative. It has a lot of promise, but not necessarily the flavour of the month with the politicians. However, the infrastructure is already there. The fuel is relatively easy to produce and has no or little exhaust emissions.

Over 24 years Toyota has probably done more for the environment than any other manufacturer with their National Tree Day. tree planting program. This year the aim is planting 1,000,000 trees. That, there listeners, does more for reducing CO2 than any electric car available.

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