MY19 KIA CERATO HATCH GT - front 3/4 action.
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Kia Cerato Hatch GT – 5 Best Features

Overall the Kia Cerato GT is excellent. It represents outstanding value and typical Kia quality. As I mentioned I jumped from the Cerato GT to a similar sized ‘Prestige’ European Hatch/SUV that cost $19,000 more and the Kia ran rings around it in every aspect [Read More]

Hot Hatch

Kia Picanto GT Review

Kia Picanto GT does have attitude buy it is not an excessive swagger that speaks of an exaggerated opinion. The Picanto GT is not an aggressive sports car but a perky little runabout with a sunny confidence. [Read More]

Holden Astra VXR

Holden Astra VXR Coupe Review

Driving the Astra VXR through the city traffic the transmission is slick and crisp, the engine tractable, with the ability to cruise in sixth gear yet responsive when needed. The sound of the exhaust burble was sweet music in heavy afternoon Sydney traffic. [Read More]