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BMW M2 Competition Coupe Track Review

BMW M2 Competition Coupe Overview

BMW has had a long and successful history with the ‘M’ versions of their vehicles. The ultimate extension is the M Competition models.

Launched last week, the M2 Competition Coupe adds a separate model to the line-up of sports cars in the BMW range. However they have gone one step further with a M2 Competition Pure model at an ‘entry level’ pricing.

I recently attended a track day with BMW at Eastern Creek Raceway to launch the M2 Competition.

BMW M2 Competition Coupe Exterior

The M2 is one of those cars that continually seems to reveal itself the more you look at it. Definitely even more stunning in the flesh, the lines and subtle muscularity is certain to appeal to many buyers.

With a longer bonnet displaying strong definition, deep side scallops and a stylish rear end the M2 is anything but dull or shy.

Differentiating the BMW M2 Competition from its predecessor is a newly-designed front skirt that is optimised for air flow and cooling.

The classic BMW kidney grilles are painted in high-gloss Shadow Line black, as are the ‘side gills’ seen on the front wings.

Moving to the rear, the black quad exhaust outlets follow the colour precedent set with the M3 and M4 Competition, along with the darkened ‘M Competition’ badgework.

Specific exterior mirrors are in a ‘double arm’ design, which add a distinctive yet aerodynamically-functional trim highlight to the exterior, a BMW M hallmark.

Completing the exterior look is a new design light alloy wheel. Measuring 9J x 19 at the front axle and 10J x 19 at the rear, these lightweight wheels are matched to 245/35/ZR 19 front and 265/35/ZR 19 rears Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres. BMW marketing hype says these allow for an impressive blend of steering response, directional stability and traction.

Colour options include Hockenheim Silver, exclusively available for the BMW M2 Competition, as well as Sunset Orange metallic amongst a range of others.

BMW M2 Competition Coupe Interior

I have to admit that other than a cursory look inside, I didn’t take much in about what the interior looks like. I was too focused on the driving.

However there were a few highlights such as the ability for a 190cm tall man that is larger than the average bear to sit in comfort, with a helmet on and have adequate room.

There were M2 highlights everywhere, which I liked. The ‘Dakota’ leather seats are trimmed in blue and black stitching highlights, the headrests for the front seats are moulded with the seat and the front seats are superbly comfortable, with adjustable lumbar support.

I didn’t even look in the back, so that will have to wait until I have a longer test drive in January.

In front of the driver sits a typical BMW configuration, which means clean, functional and with excellent user interface. The new dashboard displays the M2 Competition logo when the red start/stop button is depressed.

The thick steering wheel feels just right and I particularly like the top centred coloured marker, which provides a visual aid when cornering etc. The pedals also are suited perfectly to the purpose.

The interior is actually a really comfortable place to be with easy entry and exit and plenty of room for front occupants. Visibility all around isn’t bad with the usual thick ‘A’ pillars impeding on the road, but not so much on the track.

BMW M2 Competition Coupe Features

In addition to the increased mechanical specification, the new BMW M2 Competition has been enhanced in terms of standard equipment:-
• Adaptive LED headlights are fitted as standard,
• Front and rear Park Distance Control.
• The latest version of BMW’s ConnectedDrive system is included, as is the
• Navigation System Professional and iDrive6 infotainment system with 8.8-inch colour touchscreen.
• Audio requirements are accommodated by a 12-speaker harman/kardon system with surround mode. DAB+ digital radio capability and Bluetooth/USB audio interfaces are also included.

BMW M2 Competition Coupe Engine and Drivetrain

This is what the M2 Competition is all about. It is a performance coupe.

M2 Competition is powered by a twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre straight-six as seen in the M3 and M4. This super smooth engine produces power of up to 302kW, peaking from 5,250 to 7,000rpm. Torque peaks at 550Nm and is achieved from 2,350 to 5,200rpm.

This is enough to propel the M2 Competition from 0-100kmh in 4.2 seconds driven through the standard seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. If buyers are of a mind to there is a no cost optional six speed manual transmission available.

To be honest, I really don’t know why anyone would opt for that, nut on the launch one of the other drivers loved it. I guess I am just getting old. Unlike a lot of DCT, this one seemingly doesn’t have the jerkiness at slower speeds usually felt.

The familiar seven-speed M DCT dual-clutch transmission effectively combines two gearboxes, each with its own clutch, and enables gear changes to engage with no interruption to power flow.
The transmission’s true strength is in its adaptability. M DCT can be used as an automatic transmission, but with the option of full manual control via the centre console sequential gear shifter or the shift paddles mounted on the M leather steering wheel.

M DCT’s shifting characteristics can also be altered via pre-configured drive programmes, with COMFORT, SPORT and SPORT+ options for both automatic and manual shifting. Throttle blipping on downshifts is automatically achieved. Tailored driving tunes are selectable from the cockpit.

In addition the BMW M2 Competition’s M Dynamic Mode and ESC Off options can also be accessed simply via a centre console switch. Selecting a range of desired settings with one button is also possible, with the M1 and M2 buttons mounted on the M2 Competition’s leather steering wheel.

Each button is capable of recalling the driver’s specific preference of stability control setting, throttle sensitivity, steering response and transmission mode (with M DCT), with one touch. Note the brakes are awesome as well.

I will publish a more in-depth article on the engine and drivetrain for the enthusiasts over the next week or so.

BMW M2 Competition Coupe Driving Experience

Well, Awesome really. My driving was limited to laps around Eastern Creek and some tome on the skid pan. So my comments are related to that type of driving, not everyday use. However there was no fussiness exhibited when cruising.

The steering provided direct response, throttle response is linear and immediate, the revised geometry improves the handling dynamics (I am reliably informed) and the overall feel is that you are in direct control of the vehicle.

I guess the real test was that the M2 made even a novice track driver like me seem good. However it should be noted that we had both Cody Crocker and Steve Richards leading us around the track, and while I was driving at maximum capacity, they were casually plodding along, giving helpful hints on braking, turn in etc on the radios, without as much as raising a sweat.

The difference between the different M drive modes was really noticeable and goes to show just how much these vehicles often exceed driver’s capabilities and how much they keep drivers safe in normal conditions.

A more in-depth driving experience will come when we have the vehicle for a longer drive in January.

BMW M2 Competition Coupe Safety

Obviously the BMW M2 Competition comes with all the usual standard safety features of the M2
Driving Assistant is also standard and features
• Collision Warning,
• Pedestrian Warning with City Braking function and
• Lane Departure Warning.
• Speed Limit Info is also featured on the standard equipment list.

All maintenance requirements for the BMW M2 Competition is controlled by the Condition Based Servicing (CBS) system. With CBS, sensors and advanced algorithms monitor and calculate the conditions in which a vehicle is used, including mileage, time elapsed since its last service, fuel consumption and how a vehicle is driven. Based on the information captured, maintenance requirements are determined, identifying whether an annual vehicle inspection or oil service is due.

BMW M2 Competition Coupe Summary

It’s both easy and hard to provide a summary for the M2 Competition Coupe. The vehicle is packed with technology to enhance the sports driving experience. It is powered by a silky smooth twin turbo six cylinder engine, the like BMW is famous for. It has great performance, ride and handling and looks stunning.

The problem is that these words don’t really capture the spirit of the M2 Competition. In reality it is more than facts and figures on a page or in an article.

The M2 Competition has character and soul.

It comes to life with the driver, delivering a level of fun that is awesome.
It also has few real world competitors.

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The Good:

• Style and design
• Performance
• Pricing

The Not so Good

• Not owning one
• Drive modes can take little getting used to
• Need A/C seats

BMW M2 Competition Coupe Details

• Model Price from $104,900 RRP*
• Engine 3.0L Six cylinder Petrol
• Drivetrain 78 Sp DCT M drive
• Power 302kW @5,250rpm
• Torque 550 Nm @2,350 to 5,200rpm
• Safety TBA
• Economy ADR TBA
• Servicing BMW Condition Based Servicing (CBS) and cost packages
• 0-100KMH 4.2 Seconds
• Top Speed 250kmh
• Warranty 3 Yrs. / Unlimited km Roadside Assist
*Includes GST and LCT but excluding statutory charges, dealer costs and dealer delivery. See your dealer for RDAP.

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