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Banning Internal combustion cars Radio Segment April 8

NRMA calls for ban on sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2030 - ABC News (AustralBanning Internal combustion cars

There are moves to ban the sale of internal combustion engines.  David Brown puts it in perspective.

A minor political party and now the NSW motoring club have called for banning sales of new petrol and diesel cars after 2030.

Even if you do not agree with climate change there are reasons to move to a greater use of alternative fuels such as battery and hydrogen power. Local pollution, reducing dependence on overseas fuel supplies, all major car manufacturers are moving to hybrids and/or electric cars and there are jobs and growth in these new technologies.

We have to find a way to move forward without alienating people.

Australia has been slow in developing coherent policies to promote cleaner transport options.  We need policies that encourage the good as much as punish the undesirable.

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