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AnyAuto e-magazine December 2014

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Welcome to the AnyAuto December e-magazine. After many years of monthly and fortnightly e-newsletters we have redesigned the magazine in line with the overwhelming requests from readers and subscribers. This is back to where we started many years ago with an online e-magazine. Its funny how tastes change.

Most e-magazines are simply the normal magazine placed online however the new format AnyAuto e-magazine is specifically designed for tablets, e-readers and smart phones. Research shows that the majority of e-magazines are read on one or more of those pieces of hardware and so the older style magazines just don’t work as well. The beauty of this style is that you don’t have to scroll up and down the page to read in columns like a printed magazine. The articles just flow across the page in line with your normal reading patterns .

Much has been written about the closing of manufacturing plants in Australia and the doom and gloom that may bring. While I am extremely sensitive to those who may lose their jobs as a result, that in itself is not enough to prop up an uneconomic industry with protectionism and government handouts. The cost may as well go directly to those affected by the closures and it will be cheaper for the country. The reality also was that we were only manufacturing less than a hand full of models out of the hundreds already being sold in the country.

On a brighter note the plethora of interesting imports we will see over the next few years from a motoring enthusiasts viewpoint is exciting. An example of this is the Ford Mustang, finally coming to Australia and I for one cannot wait.

In this issue we review 7 vehicles with road tests and bring you a swag of information on new and updated models up for release in Australia in the coming year. 2015 promises to be an exciting and busy year for the industry at least from the manufacturers point of view. I wonder if the consumers will be as buoyant as previous years. My gut is telling me not so much. Lets wait and see.

If you like this new magazine style (and you should because you requested it) let us know, the normal AnyAuto e-magazine will be on sale every two months from December 2014. Like all our publications the e-magazine is designed solely to provide you the reader and new car buyer with information in a format that assists you with your buying decisions. Cheers for now!

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