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2018 Hyundai Tucson Highlander Lifestyle Review

2018 MY19 Hyundai Tuscon Highlander bootHyundai Tuscon Highlander Fit for purpose-

Brianna said: A great SUV for all sorts of different driving, families, long trips or using it for all sorts of work whether its siting in the Sydney traffic or filling it with supplies.

Alex said: It’s a great car to put supplies and equipment in due to the generous amount of space it has. Its also a great car if you have a family with the safety features and ample seating space.

Hyundai Tuscon Highlander Design-

Brianna said: It’s a great looking SUV from outside and inside, I cant fault any of its design features. The inside technology is sleek and modern and on top of that I found it all very easy to use. The car has a great feel to it and you will be happy with it.

Alex said: Starting off with the exterior style I found the shade of colour a very plain but simple colour, the style of the taper and lights however did give a nice sleep modern look which I must admit make the vehicle look somewhat catching to the eye! the Bluetooth, media and sound system were all very good and provided great entertainment when driving this vehicle, the media system was easy to navigate and simple enough to understand without having to struggle to work out the controls which annoyingly can be an issue with other various brands and models etc.

Hyundai Tuscon Highlander Performance –

Brianna said: A fairly economical car, with good power and steering. Was very smooth and felt comfortable at any sort of driving conditions. The safety features made you feel safe in this car and  for the price range I would say that the performance gets a 10/10 from me.

Alex said: I enjoyed the power and ease of takeoff from it for an SUV type car it had a fairly generous amount of power surprisingly, the steering and handling was fairly smooth and didn’t feel like a struggle at all. The braking in this car was easy to handle and was able to comfortably handle it compared to other brands and vehicles where sometimes the brakes take a while to get a grip off. The petrol consumption was average but capable of doing multiple trips into the city and back during peak hour traffic without majorly draining

Hyundai Tuscon Highlander Comfort –

Brianna said: I found the car very comfortable I would be more then happy to take it around on a long trip with a family and would feel good even having to be in the car all day long. As the driver I found that the features allowed you to get your position perfectly and very comfortably and there was great amount of space in the back and in the boot too.

Alex said: The seats were solid and provided a great level of comfort when sitting for long periods of time, the adjustor setting was handy and very welcomed in ensuring i get the right angle and height for sitting comfortably behind the wheel I wasn’t the biggest fan of the sideview mirrors and constantly had to keep adjusting to get the best vision  could The space and boot space in this car for me was the key highlight due to the functionality that provides for various activities and jobs, the cabin area where the driver and passenger sit felt roomy and relaxed which gave the overall driving experience a greater sense of relaxation!

Hyundai Tuscon Highlander Verdict-

Brianna said: I really enjoyed driving this car and would be very happy if it was my main car. No matter what sort of person you are, single with a family, tradie, I think you would be happy with this car.

Alex said: Overall I found the car enjoyable, functional and adequate for a reasonably priced SUV

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